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You Being Imperfect Is An Art In Itself

by Pshira

Do you realize how beautiful your imperfections are? You are such a beautiful creation and one of a kind in this whole world. So, why are you chasing something else? Why are you hiding your true self from the world to be accepted in society? The journey to self-discovery starts with accepting what you are rather than chasing what you are not.

In the book #BecomingFlawesome, Kristina Mand-Lakhiani showcases how you can ensure that you embrace what you are with your imperfections. She tells us how chasing perfection brings a sense of competition and comparison to our personality. Let us dive deep into this conversation.

Why Wear Masks And Pretend Something That You Are Not? 

We wear masks to be accepted by society and the peers with whom we continuously live. For people to love us, we lose our authentic selves. You, too, must be sometime in this situation where you have had to fake a smile to someone. When faking a smile is such a big challenge, how can you fake your personality for so long? Why fake your personality?

In the long run, when you continuously do this, you will eventually lose yourself. At that stage, rekindling your true self is nothing less than a challenge. Being imperfect is beautiful. 

Embrace Your Imperfections

Your true happiness is at a place where you can embrace your imperfections. Do you recall one place where you are most comfortable and relaxed? Well, it is your home. Why? Because after a whole day of pretending to be someone else and being in a particular manner with people and society, our home is one place where we can be our original selves.

Not just comfort but many other advantages follow when you embrace your imperfections. You might be able to discover your inner self. You might be able to find what you love the most. Furthermore, you will be most satisfied when you are your true self.

In today’s society, where everyone wants you to be in a certain way. Be authentic. Being authentic will bring inner happiness and contentment. The inner content will make your life simple. Do what makes you happy. Be kind. In this manner, you can find your true identity and what naturally pulls you towards it. 

Imperfection Is Authentic

With so many people pretending around, we, too, start following the crowd. In this run, there are times when we lose ourselves. How can this be good for us? Kristina Mand-Lakhiani in her book “Becoming Flawesome” takes us on a wonderful journey to find our lost selves. She tells us in detail how embracing your imperfections and being your authentic selves will bring the ultimate satisfaction to you. 

You will learn more when you read the book. Each chapter is a therapy in itself. Find your true self and see how it feels to be authentically happy. Be loved for what you are! Set your journey to discover your true self today and see how the magic unfolds. Ultimate happiness is where authenticity is.  

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