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Why We Should Quit Amazon

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Why We Should Quit Amazon

Amazon has been successful for a very long time because it has extended its target market to cover as many customers as possible. The reason behind its continuous growth is the fact that it keeps on developing new products, acquisitions, and various different service offerings that continue to enlarge its customer base. With the rising trend of online shopping people tend to buy things from Amazon as it has almost everything to satisfy their customers with good online purchasing. People are now even selling their own products on Amazon to build their E-commerce store and e-commerce planners are also working efficiently in this respect.

Amazon is the most popular shopping site in the United States. Mobile shopping has been increasing over time. There’s a flood of people doing on line shopping because they are satisfied from the products and services provided online. It’s becoming so simple and stress-free to shop online. Amazon has transformed online shopping for customers. With the rise in sales on Amazon, e-commerce planners have also speed up their work in analyzing customer discernments to optimize the experience.

Amazon is best in building a strong relationship with its customers and providing them with the best service and product. Amazon also lines first overall among the most-visited mobile retail properties in the United States.

Amazon is a jumbled workplace with numerous workers and sellers. The work environment in Amazon was not healthy and workers faced problems which resulted in protesting at the Staten Island facility last year. There are quite a lot of customers on Amazon. Research has shown that about $1 out of every $2 spent on the internet is spent on Amazon and 105 million households have Amazon Prime memberships. 

Amazon is struggling with workers right and clean energy and it harms small businesses as well. The workers at Amazon are not treated like the way they should be. In the warehouse many workers have to reach high and squat low to clutch orders from bins. By doing that they had reported that they go through repetitive stress injuries from squatting and lifting. And dizziness, vomiting, and heart attacks also happened.

 Report says that 13 Amazon warehouse workers have died on the job in the last six years which is tragic. It is found that nearly 10 out of every hundred workers at Amazon’s warehouses got injuries in 2018. Not only that, it is found that more than 1,000 schoolchildren have been drafted to their factories as interns and these children have been required to work nights and overtime which is against the law.

Amazon has been making high profit and success at the expense of health and safety of its workers and employees. It source products from countries with weak labor law. Not only this, Amazon is a threat to clean energy as well. Amazon’s AWS makes up a hefty percentage of the energy Amazon uses. Meanwhile since 2014, Green America has pressed Amazon to use 100 percent renewable energy by 2020 and finish the construction of new data centers that depend on fossil fuel or nuclear power. 

After that Amazon contracted construction of 66 renewable energy projects. And it is expected that at the end of 2020 these sites will have the aptitude to deliver 3.9 million MWh of energy yearly. Furthermore Bezos is willing to fight climate change worth $10 billion dollar through a new fund. And if it happens and Amazon has not addressed its damaging effects then people and the planet will have to face the consequences.

Another problem that arises due to Amazon is that it is monopolizing the economy. In the year 2017 and 2018 Amazon hunted bids for HQ2, its much-predicted $5 billion high-tech hub. It also claimed to give around 50,000 jobs. Most cities have offered free and tax breaks to Amazon knowing that Amazon hasn’t paid any tax on its $10 million income in the year 2018. 

Amazon is considered as a dangerous monopoly who dominates the basic infrastructure for the economy. What it does is it eradicates competitors and dictates the prices. And they do it by analyzing the data on the sellers and if any seller has a popular product they made a product similar to that and sell it at a cheaper price even if it cost them money or at loss. By doing that the seller whose product they copied, goes out of business and Amazon resets its price again.

 It destabilizes the competitors and eventually raises its own prices and leaves the customers no other choices. With the passage of time Amazon is growing more powerful and its grip is getting stronger over the society and economy. This can be stopped if people start looking this side if Amazon that id affecting the economy and people very badly.

Amazon needs us more than we need it. And this can change a lot only if people are willing to take a step forward and quit Amazon for a better world.

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