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Why Does Your Car Jerk While Accelerating? Explained!

by aaronacorn

A car should accelerate smoothly when you press the gas pedal. In case if there is any jerking. You should exercise caution because there is something troubling. The jerks during the acceleration not only distract a driver, but they hint at some serious mechanical issues with a vehicle.

The sooner you can identify the source of the problem, the less likely there will be damage and, of course, unnecessary costs for expensive repairs. However, you should also understand the causes of concern behind such a problem.

Your catalytic converter is not working properly

The catalytic converter is a useful device to get rid of harmful emissions. It is an integral part of the tailpipe, where it always performs its duty properly. A catalytic converter relies on a chemical reaction for the conversion of harmful gases. However, there are enough chances of damaging the catalytic converter and, of course, its capacity to convert harmful gases.

In such a situation, the exhaust would not work properly, and there would be a problem at the tailpipe. However, because it emits less pollution, this is not noticeable during normal driving. But acceleration puts a lot of pressure on the exhaust, and a problematic catalytic converter does not allow enough emission to emit through the tailpipe. If there is insufficient passage for emission, gases may cause problems with the engine and jerks. For more clarification, just access the expert service at Service My Car.

Your car’s engine tools (spark plugs or fuel injectors) are not working properly

Have you ever experienced running against the breeze? If yes! You cannot deny the fact. What amount of effort does a car need to put together? A car’s engine provides enough force to move in a direction. However, the faster your car runs, the more it needs acceleration.

During higher acceleration, an engine requires all its tools to work at their peak. Whether it is fuel injector system or spark plugs, everything should be at the highest level of efficiency. If these components are not working together seamlessly, it can cause your car to shake while accelerating.

Inefficient spark plugs would emerge as a common reason behind the constant jerking of a car. However, for optimum performance, a spark plug must produce a proper spark. To get confirmation about a spark plug issue, opt for an expert inspection from Service My Car. However, you should avail yourself of a major service at an interval of two years for preventive maintenance. It includes expert spark plug replacement as well as other major part replacement and tune-ups.

Besides, a faulty fuel injector system might put you in trouble. It could be due to a clogged fuel injector or fuel filter that cannot provide proper fuel for combustion. However, while fuel filter replacement is common in major services, you can avoid problems by having an expert inspection during routine car maintenance.

Moreover, a mass airflow sensor might cause a car to shake during acceleration when there is a need for more air inside the combustion chamber.

For a proper diagnosis, just visit Service My Car for car engine repair by an expert. In case you own a bentley car, and you are looking for an engine repair then we would like to recommend Service My Car, the best and trusted bentley repair dubai center to repair an engine for your bentley car.

Your car’s transmission is not up to mark or has a faulty throttle pedal, cable, or position sensor

Because the transmission transfers power from the engine to the wheels, a problem in motion would result. However, it is less common because a faulty transmission may begin to make unusual noises, providing you with an unpleasant driving experience.

Besides, an incorrectly positioned throttle pedal might cause a lot of problems during acceleration. Another reason for a jerk is a problematic throttle cable or malfunctioning throttle position sensor.

However, you should not take it for granted when there is expert service available for car transmission repair at Service My Car.

Worn timing belts might be a cause for concern

The timing belt would not be loose or worn for optimum performance. If you drive with a worn timing chain that is going to miss one or more links, the problem will occur sooner or later. A broken link might cause problems during an engine operation. It might hamper synchronisation of various internal tools and result in jerks during acceleration.

Therefore, arrange a trip to Service My Car for an inspection under the hood and possible timing belt replacement.

An electronic defect may hamper an essential sensor process

Modern cars rely heavily on sensor input, but these sensors need electricity to work. As a result, any problem with the power supply would cause a sensor to fail to send data. If it is a mass airflow sensor, there would be a problem in the combustion process. You would definitely experience jerks during acceleration if combustion does not occur properly.

If it is a speed sensor, it disturbs the functioning of the transmission system. The transmission would not be stationary and would start to roam in search of a proper gear. This could force your vehicle to jerk unnecessarily. A jerking car cannot offer you a smooth ride and a sense of safety. Therefore, obtain expert help from Service My Car by booking a car service or ordering a car repair quote on our website or app anytime.

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