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What Is The Best fact of Kraft Paper Boxes In the World?

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Kraft boxes are ruling the packaging sector for years. For some, they are like an ugly duckling that should be avoided at every cost. Due to their natural brown box, Kraft packaging is often associated with cardboard shipping boxes having no style, customization, and elegance. However, if you move into more details, you can reveal several interesting facts about Kraft boxes and the benefits they provide to hundreds of businesses worldwide. Their rough style is the secret behind their endless, brilliant branding capabilities. A Kraft box is made from 100% post-consumer recycled material. High-level customization can give them a beautiful look like any other type of packaging boxes. Let us explore some best facts that explain the importance of Kraft paper boxes in the world.

What is Kraft paper and how is it Made?

All of us know that paper is made from trees, more specifically from wood fibers known as pulp. These wood fibers coming from the pulp contain cellulose, lignin, and other chemicals. Lignin holds the fibers together and gives it a brown paper look. Most of us are not aware that paper is not naturally white. It is brown. To make it white the fibers are bleached. The real beauty of a Kraft paper box is its unbleached pulp. It’s the purest form of paper that is free from chlorine. It does not have to be processed to get its beautiful, natural brown color.  Bleaching is a chemical process. The less you go through it, the more environmentally friendly the paper becomes.

Kraft paper boxes: Why you should be proud to use them?

There are a couple of reasons why people should thank using Kraft paper boxes. First of all, the businesses as well the consumers should be proud of lowering their carbon footprints. Other interesting facts include:

  • Kraft boxes are 100% Recycled:

Most of the Kraft boxes we use in our everyday life are made from recycled Kraft material. This paperboard is manufactured at an industrial scale from 100% post-consumer recycled waste. Post-consumer recycled material is the content created by the consumers after a product has been consumed and reached its ending stage. The material is collected from recycling bins or landfills and is sent for the production of other commodities. It may include paper, cardboard, corrugated board, newspaper, paperboard, or any other form of paper packaging product. 

  • Kraft Paper boxes are Uncoated and Unbleached:

Kraft paper is unbleached and less processed. This gives it a rough texture. It also lacks the coatings and laminations used to design other types of customized boxes. The benefit lies in the fact that coatings and laminations make the recycling process harder as they need to be separated from the paper. Being uncoated, Kraft boxes are the most eco-friendly option. The material is considered to be a basic version. It is free from bleaching and other additional chemicals that may prove toxic afterward. For this reason, Kraft packaging is also known as Solid Unbleached Sulfate or SUS, consisting of 80% virgin fiber wood pulp.

  • Kraft boxes are 100% Recyclable:

Kraft boxes are the closest to nature. They are free from any harmful coatings leaving no adverse impact on the environment. Kraft packaging biodegrades easily producing no toxic residues. It uses organic certified inks to print anything on them. The use of such green and 100% eco-friendly should make you proud. It turns into improving your brand image, generating more sales, and earning lifetime customers. As compared to other sustainable packaging options, the demand for Kraft boxes is increasing rapidly. This is because you are shooting multiple birds at once by using them. They are recyclable, affordable, customizable, protect the planet, and lead to happy customers. It means that by using them you can generate more money and accomplish your goals more effectively.

  • Above all, Kraft Boxes are Strong and Durable:

Another best thing about Kraft boxes is their strong and durable nature. Although its thickness is less as compared to other types of packaging material, still it offers a higher degree of stiffness. It is tear-resistant and offers a good barrier against moisture. It is well-known for its intense handling and ability to withstand pressure, and jerks during the transition. The rough texture of a Kraft box also offers good protection against scratches. If combined with an auto-lock bottom, it can carry heavier items like candle jars, mugs, cups and glass vases, etc.  You can design the packaging in any customized size of your choice from small to large depending upon the dimensions of your items. Due to their extraordinary characteristics, Kraft boxes are also an ideal option to carry more delicate products like jewelry, cosmetics, and skin care, etc. It is the thinnest of all Kraft-paper-based packaging material. A kaolin clay-titanium dioxide coating can be introduced on its surfaces to improve the smoothness and make printing easier.

  • Budget-Friendly Customization Options for Kraft Boxes:

Can you personalize these Kraft boxes wholesale? Yes, of course. There are so many ways to customize a Kraft box that it is really hard to decide where to start. It’s your choice whether you want to use vibrant colors, minimalistic labels, a gold foil finish, a window, cutout, or an insert. The most cost-saving way is to take a plain brown box and attach a simple printed label to it with the required information. This rough style gives a strong, powerful look making it suitable for an array of products of everyday use. You may also go for white, black, or full-color printing for creating a more professional display. Specialized finishing effects like embossing or hot foil stamping etc can be applied to make your Kraft packaging stand out from the crowd.

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