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What businesses will thrive in 2021?

by basicact

While 2020 has been a challenging year for the business world throughout. Economies dropped down and many businesses went bankrupt. Moreover, a lot of businesses started as well as keeping in view the remote-working dynamic of the ever-changing needs of the year. “Work from home” has been the new trend and it was necessary no doubt. Therefore, only very few businesses were not much affected in 2020.

Online Retailers:

If we take a look at which companies did well in 2020, we can expect related sectors to thrive in 2021. Therefore, here are some companies’ sectors that thrived in 2020. During the whole year, online retailers have thrived without a doubt. Since there were lockdowns and a ban on mobility, people could not go to shops for buying their required items. They resorted to online retailers and websites such as Alibaba, Amazon, etc. thrived and they did well.

People went online shopping and these websites generated a huge lump sum of profits from this. They had multiple times higher profits than in previous months. In March, Amazon’s company stocks ended for 1676.61 dollars and by end of June, it was 1000 dollars higher. You can imagine how much these websites and businesses flourished.

Workspace Solutions Companies:

Work from home has been the long-term plan now for most of the CEOs. therefore, most of the CEOs have shown this review that they think of moving 20% of their workforces to permanent remote jobs. For this, they need technologies that can ensure efficient working from home.

Therefore, workspace technologies have thrived and will continue to thrive in 2021. One of these companies is Citrix whose Executive VP of Business Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer, Tim Minahan said: While many companies viewed it as a short-term response to the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of companies are realizing that remote work must be part of their long-term plans, as it will enable them to attract the talent, they need to operate in the unpredictable business environment we’ll be functioning in for the foreseeable future.”

Online meeting platforms

No doubt Zoom was the most-used online platform throughout 2020. Reports say that its share price surge increased 100% in only two months and thus such websites and apps will continue flourishing in 2021. Virtual meetings have become part of everyday lives now.


Since most of the time, restaurants were closed people did not choose them for solving their food needs. Therefore, they headed to super-markets for buying items and made food at homes. In this way, most of the people cooked at home and posted items of delicious meals on their social media. This increased the demand for super-mart items and thus their prices increased too. And using the smart technology of deliveries, super-markets started sending the brought items to people at homes. This way the deliveries increased, and supermarkets flourished too.

Hand-sanitizing and Masks Companies:

Wherever you go these days, you will see hand sanitizers and masks. The companies making these have their demand sky-rocketed. These companies reached major super-markets, chains, grocery stores, and pharmacies. People even once faced a shortage of masks and sanitizers. With the upcoming year, these companies will continue to flourish because precaution is better.

Personal protection equipment companies:

Not only hand sanitizers and masks, but there has been much other protective equipment being used now on daily basis. Therefore, the companies making such protective equipment will continue to succeed in the upcoming year as well. Their constant supply is needed and thus they will continue to increase their profits. With the latest technologies, they will be introducing new products and services for personal protection.

Cybersecurity companies:

With most of the businesses marketing, selling online now, they will surely look for good cybersecurity. Therefore, for businesses to continue selling their products and services online, they need digital tools that can ensure their security. The demand for cybersecurity is big and will be bigger in the next year as well.


It will be true to say that the health care sector has sky-rocketed their sales as well. This sector will be the topmost priority for many nations worldwide now and telehealth will be flourishing just like it did this year.


Although e-learning is not a new concept and it has been here for more than a decade now. But 2020 increased its demand. Therefore, platforms that provide e-learning will profit next year. The platforms which give flexibility to students to learn and teachers to teach will be in high demand.

Online fitness:

Just like other sectors, the fitness sector closed too. And although now it has opened it will continue to flourish in the next year too. People who have been working out using online platforms will have accustomed by now. And therefore, online fitness companies are set to thrive in 2021.

Video games:

During the boredom, people always go to games or movies. Thus, the gaming sector has flourished and will continue flourishing next year too. The gamers have already honed their skills and non-gamers have taken a liking to the game. In 2021, gaming companies will continue to increase their sales because gamers now will find it difficult to leave this habit.

Food delivery:

And at last, without doubt, the food delivery companies didn’t stop in 2020, and they will continue to thrive in 2021 as well. Because many restaurants and cafes started takeaway orders and food deliveries increased to a greater extent. And now since people know that restaurants have this option available, they will most likely prefer food deliveries than going out.


As we know that 2021 is the post-pandemic year, and we hope that world economies will rise in the upcoming year. With this thought, many business sectors which continued in 2020, have acquired more technological solutions to cater to the needs of the people, and next year their products will be more advanced and likable. People will have a lot to buy without going out. Thus 2021 will be a good year for the businesses mentioned above hopefully.

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