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TikTok Vs YouTube – Worth, Community, and Features

by basicact
Youtube Vs TikTok

YouTube and TikTok both are big platforms. Although YouTube is much older than TikTok, TikTok is growing at an alarming rate. Read the complete article to understand the pros and cons of both platforms.

Worth & Revenue


YouTube is one of the biggest video-sharing platforms in the world and its value is nearly $500 billion. It is monetized by Google’s AdSense. In 2020, its total earnings were $19.8 billion about 30% greater than last year. According to Data Never Sleeps, nearly 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute but these stats are outdated as they were published in 2020 and due to Covid-19 the usage of YouTube has increased a lot. 


TikTok has now become the rival of the king of the internet, Google in terms of traffic. Last month it was recorded by Cloudflare that TikTok had higher average traffic than Google and this includes images, maps, news, books, etc. The popularity of TikTok increased due to YouTube. Even though the popularity of TikTok has increased a lot, its revenue and worth are still lower than YouTube. TikTok’s worth is considered to be near $50-75 billion. However, after these new stats, their worth may have increased. TikTok earned about $2 billion from January-November 2021. 

To sum up, TikTok is the winner in terms of traffic but YouTube is the winner in terms of worth and revenue.



TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users. It operates in 141 countries and has nearly 39 languages. 

According to data, India was the largest contributor to TikTok’s traffic, however, TikTok was banned there. There have been 611 million TikTok downloads in India. According to Pew Research (Feb 2021), 21% of US adults use TikTok. 

China comes in the second position, with 196.6 million downloads. 

The USA is in the third position with 165 million installs. Whereas Canada has taken the fourth position. The UK is in the fifth position. 

According to Backlinko, 60% of TikTok users are female and 40% are male. 


YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users. However, now it is in 8th position according to data provided by Cloudflare as the ranking of Cloudflare is measured differently. 

You can see the data and ranking on Cloudflare’s blog.

People watch billions of hours of content on YouTube and it is the biggest reason why it is becoming increasingly difficult for new YouTubers to rank their videos on YouTube. 

India has the highest number of YouTube users, and the USA has the highest number of YouTube views. The USA comes in the second position in terms of users. The UK comes in the third position in terms of views but is not even in the top 5 positions in terms of users. Brazil comes in the third position in terms of YouTube users. 

YouTube has more female users than male users, greater than 50%. 

According to Pew Research (Feb 2021), 81% of adults in the US use YouTube.




The YouTube logo is a red tv shaped screen with a white play button in it, and the font is either in white or black, according to your theme. The logo represents excitement and entertainment. It shows that the videos are meant to be played. 


tiktok logo

The TikTok logo is a musical note styled as the character ‘d’. It has a 3d glass glitch. It also has two colors one for a black background and the other for white background. The ‘d’ letter is changed accordingly. The full version of TikTok has a glitch character ‘o’. 



Video Formats and Resolutions

YouTube mainly uses AVC (Advanced Video Coding), and VP9 Codecs. Streaming mostly uses ACC and Opus formats. YouTube support prefers 16:9 landscape videos, and YouTube Shorts prefers 9:16 portrait videos. It supports resolutions up to 8K. YouTube supports 360° videos, VR 180°, 3d, and HDR videos. It supports videos with 60 FPS and the frame rate may vary while playing the video. YouTube live streams support 4K 60 FPS, and 360° videos.

Upload Features and Limitations

After creating a channel, YouTube allows users to upload videos less than 15 minutes long. However, after account verification via mobile phone, the limit increases to 12 hours, and 256 GB. YouTube allows auto-closed captions using speech recognition technology. Auto close captions 13 Languages, but live streams only support English. YouTube provides end screens and cards to help creators divert users to their other videos. YouTube has its music library. You can blur or trim the uploaded videos on YouTube. 

YouTube has a YouTube studio for users to edit or see the analytics of their uploaded videos, or to customize the channel. Moreover, YouTube has changed its layout which is difficult for a few users. But they can switch to old youtube layout without any problem.

User Experience

YouTube has a notification bar, which notifies users about news subscribers, or replies to their comments.


Video Formats

TikTok supports resolutions up to 1080×1980 with 9:16 or 1:1 (Though it will not cover the screen completely). MP4 and MOV files are supported. 


Users can easily upload videos using the app.

Editing (Effects and Filters)

TikTok supports basic editing features such as cropping, rotating, changing playback speed, and flipping. It has a huge music library. Users can apply various types of filters in TikTok including beauty filters, stickers, animations, and AR effects.

User Experience

Likes, comments, and notifications are similar to Instagram. Users can get notifications about who commented or liked their videos, or who started following them.



YouTube is criticized for several reasons and read this complete section to learn about some of these reasons.


The first problem with the YouTube community is users themselves. Many people criticize the YouTube community as it is composed of people who like trolling other people or giving threats to others on small matters. Many people are abusive in YouTube’s comment section. There are links to sexually explicit content in the comments section. There are many creators especially on YouTube shorts, who publish videos that are sexual in nature.

Secondly, the problem is the YouTube staff. YouTube has a poor quality of support, many things are not moderated online, YouTube does not provide any way to contact them even though its creators are the ones making their platform what it is. Creators face a lot of problems while running using YouTube and YouTube claims that these problems do not exist. 

Copy-Right Rules

Many creators face problems with content that can be used under fair rule policy. Some creators have gotten their YouTube channels suspended due to neglect of this policy. Many people have criticized music companies due to copyright claims for music in the video for only a few seconds.


Misinformation and Content

Many videos provide wrong information. This resulted in neglect or panic during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people believed the things TikTok creators were saying in their TikTok videos. 

Many TikTok creators upload hateful content against other races or the LGBTQ+ communities. 

Community and Cyberbullying

The TikTok community is filled with trolls and bullies. These bullies and trolls bully disabled, LGBTQ+ users. TikTok tries to limit cyberbullying by limiting the videos of LGBTQ+ and disabled users. There are some people such as The Great LonDini, who try to expose such bullies.


Both platforms have some pros and cons, it is up to you which platform you choose. Write down in description which platform you like more.

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