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The trendiest Social Media Apps today

by basicact

Who is not a fan of social media? Ok, let us rephrase this question because some might not be that good a fan. Therefore, who has not tried social media ever? Surely no one of you will say that they have not tried social media ever. Because in this technologically savvy era, no one is immune to social media and its impact.

 Social networking is the most prominent activity throughout the world these days and it penetrates all regions. The owners of the famous social media apps are earning fortunes and are among the richest people in the world. This is quite clear that their profits which have been skyrocketing with every passing day are due to the networkers.

People love to spend most of their time on social media. According to reports, about 40% of your everyday time is spent on using social media apps. And if we monitor the smartphone’s analytics, around 8-10 hours of most of the users are spent using social media apps. Now let’s talk about some of the most trendy social media apps and how they are changing the lives of peoples:


Who is not aware of Instagram? Since its launch in 2010, this American photo and video sharing social networking site have changed the dynamic of social networking online. Facebook now owns it and this app the most fun to use. You can create free accounts and follow people around you. You can easily share your photos and videos with them.

This app has snatched away boredom from most people. They upload their photos and videos for friends and family to see and like. Moreover, not only this but this app has given rise to a lot of businesses. Instagram possesses a major portion of its marketing share. Therefore, a lot of businesses market their products and services through Instagram. Its metrics and algorithms are updating frequently and with new tools and techniques, businesses can target their audiences and increase their sales. In this era, e-commerce is thriving, and Instagram is one of the platforms that take the lead in marketing e-commerce sites and products.

In the past year, a lot of people started their online businesses using Instagram and with influencers who partner with different brands and products, people have started earning as well from this platform.

Moreover, people upload videos and tips for cooking, fitness, and learning different skills. It has been a platform to hone your skills too. Online shopping is trendy nowadays due to it. Marketing agencies do not leave Instagram out of their plans now. Using different tools, they increase their reach and thus the audience. The introduction of filters has enabled people to have fun while photographing. People use different filters on Instagram and enjoy themselves. Different styling and dressing tips and tricks, makeup tricks, enable women to spend their leisure time. Over 500 million active users use this platform daily.


Snapchat is another trendy app. It is a lot like Instagram, it is a multimedia messaging app. One of its principles is that the photos and videos shared on this messaging app are only available for a short time before people have no access to them. Moreover, its tools such as stories enable people to showcase their videos and photos for 24 hours and they disappear afterwards. With the discover feature, brands market their products for shorter times before the stories become unavailable. It also features a lot of fun and cool filters and people enjoy themselves using them.

Over 249 million active users use this platform daily.


Facebook starting from 2004 has been the world’s best social media for years now. With its different features such as messaging, uploading videos, photos, texts, it has increased social networking around the world. And now, it has features such as running ads, which different companies and brands use to target their audience for increasing their sales. There are a lot of Facebook groups, which people join to get information about various sectors such as education, jobs, skills, etc. people have been benefiting from this app a lot now. Marketing agencies never go without this platform. Its everyday active user ratio is 140 million.

And around 1.4 billion users have joined Facebook groups. The active users use this platform to thrive their brands and influencers use it to increase their profits.

Tik Tok:

Tik Tok is a Chinese video-sharing social networking service. People use it to make a variety of short videos of different genres. In 2019, around 738 million times, this app was downloaded. And by November 2019, the download ratio increased to 1.5 billion. Companies are using this platform as well to showcase their products to the audience. However, this platform is mostly used for fun purposes. Where people share their fun videos. People are also showcasing their skills and a lot of people got much fame from it. People show their cooking, makeup videos for others to learn and try. People share tips and tricks to enhance several skills. It is kind of a learning app as well. However, it has undergone a lot of controversies too. But without a doubt, it a recent sensation.


The importance of social media cannot be denied and it is adamant with the fact many courses enable you to master these platforms. Digital Marketing is a growing field, and many people are getting employment with these platforms.


With advantages, they have some disadvantages as well. People are under the constant pressure of displaying their lives and gaining views and likes. It has increased mental health problems. While most people spend a lot of time on these apps, they are lacking in fitness and being unproductive, hence wasting their time. Children are more inclined towards these apps which are affecting their growth. With the wrong content, people are going towards the wrong habits. Many health problems such as headaches, poor eyesight, back pains, etc are also increasing. Therefore, use these trendy apps wisely.

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