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The Right Influencer Marketing Strategy for Your Business

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Influencer Marketing Strategy

What are influencers? –

Digital marketing is an important stage for a brand to be able to reach more consumers. In marketing your business through digital media, you must be familiar with the term influencer. Derived from English, an influencer can be interpreted as a figure who has strong charm and influence in the digital realm.

The size of an influencer can be seen from the number of followers they have on social media. Because the number of followers tends to be above average, some brands usually propose to work with influencers regarding marketing their products.

Digital marketing strategies through influencers are known to be effective and fast. However, before using their services, it’s a good idea to listen to a few things you need to know so you don’t make the mistake of determining the right influencer marketing strategy.

Defining Communication Messages

As befits a brand, it is important for you to determine the message that will be carried and the marketing objectives of your product. Make sure in advance to know the pillars of communication that will be conveyed through influencers to the target market. What is the goal of digital marketing this time? Is it to release a new product? Expanding brand awareness? Or is it to increase traffic to your business account by doing a giveaway? Communicate as clearly as possible to your influencers, so that later they don’t forget the points they have to take care of during the marketing process.

Choosing Influencers Based on Demographics

Get to know the persona of each influencer before you decide to work with them. Choose wisely the characters who can represent the product or target audience. Not all personas on the internet can benefit your business.

Instead of spending money to work with famous influencers, it’s better to choose one that fits your consumer demographic. Don’t forget to consider the average age, gender, income or even the trustworthiness of an influencer for more optimal marketing results. The closer to the target market, the better. According to Nielsen’s Global Trust Advertising, 83% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know either in person or virtually. This figure is higher than advertisements on TV, which only 63% of consumers trust.

Prioritize Engagement Rate

In practice, social media influencers are divided into four categories. Micro influencer is a persona who has the smallest following among the four. Micro influencers usually have around 10,000 followers on their social media accounts. Apart from that, there are also macro influencers with followers above 100,000 or more. A premium influencer is someone with millions of followers.

While Selebgram, are public figures or artists who use their social media for influencer marketing services. In general, the social media used for the influencer marketing process is Instagram. The fact that Indonesia occupies the fourth position with the most Instagram users in the world with a total of more than 59 million users, makes the reach of digital marketing via Instagram wider than other social media. However, this does not rule out the possibility of influencer marketing via other social media such as Twitter, Tiktok and YouTube.

Bigger, not necessarily better. Using influencer marketing services doesn’t have to be fixated on the number of followers that looks promising. Instead of prioritizing an influencer’s follower numbers, try focusing on engagement rate. Even though they have the smallest followers, the percentage probability that a consumer buys a product from the recommendations of a micro influencer is actually higher than other types of influencers, reaching 82%. With a high engagement rate and a more specific audience, micro influencers are considered to be able to create promotional content that is more relevant to their audience.

Influencers are Creative Directors

Most brands or products that use influencer marketing services only take advantage of digital charm and the large number of followers an influencer has. Influencers are usually given specific guidelines from brands regarding how to promote their products. Instead of getting people interested in buying, the resulting uniformity of content creates a bad stigma and trust issue for both parties, both brands and influencers.

Consumers will later think that the influencer they trust is no longer sincerely recommending products, but because they are bound by a contract with a certain brand. To avoid this, try to give the influencers you choose freedom to use their creativity.

Think of them as a Creative Director who will help project products to potential buyers through various styles of content. Even though it seems risky, these influencers can actually be trusted as consultants who see your brand from a consumer’s point of view and know clearly what content looks like to optimally reach an audience.

Order Increase is Not the Main Purpose

The main goal of using influencer marketing services is actually not a matter of increasing the number of orders. By doing marketing through several influencers, you are building a percentage of brand awareness for your product and reaching a wider target market. Think of these influencers as intermediaries between your product and potential customers.

The more often other people see your brand, the higher the trust that arises. So that later your product can become a priority that is remembered by your audience when they need it.

Even though influencer marketing doesn’t directly promise a significant increase in orders, with the help of the right digital marketing strategy it will make your brand grow stably. It’s time to plan the best digital marketing strategy for your business. Get marketing planning packages including digital strategy and influencer marketing services at affordable prices.

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