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The Gravity Defying Upside Down Waterfall Of Naneghat

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Out of all the captivating splendors of nature that humans have found, an upside-down waterfall in Naneghat is unquestionably one thing that has left many people amazed at this nature’s wonder. Naneghat, famously known as Nana Ghat, is a magnificent mountain ridge near the Deccan plateau and Konkan coast in Maharashtra.

The tranquil mountain pass in Maharashtra offers spectacular valley vistas, making for a perfect weekend getaway destination you can visit on a road trip via a Mumbai to Pune cab.

Moreover, if you are still wondering how this streaming waterfall withstands gravity, it does not. The scientific reason behind this reverse impact is the strong force of the currents that move the water upwards.

Thrilling trekking adventure at the Naneghat

With stunning scenic natural beauty and rugged terrain, Naneghat makes the perfect trek for beginner and expert trekkers. In addition, a trek to this reverse waterfall feels nothing less than a treat to your eyes that calms your soul.

An excellent time to visit this peaceful location is around the monsoon time when the streaming water’s power is strong enough and offers some mesmerizing viewpoints! It takes roughly 5 hours to complete the trek, including both ways. Moreover, you can add more delight to your relaxing trek, feasting on the perfect combination of tea and Bhajiyas at the Dhaba near the waterfalls.

How can you reach Naneghat?

Naneghat is situated near Pune, in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, and travelers can readily reach here via air, train or road.

By Air

Naneghat does not have an airport, and the nearest airport near the town is Pune. The Pune airport remains well-connected with the country’s prominent cities, and several domestic airlines serve this destination.

Distance from Pune Airport. 115.4 Km

By Road

Naneghat remains excellently connected through national and state highways. Frequent buses run to and from Naneghat to cities like Pune, Junnar, Kalyan, Nasik, Mumbai, etc., at regular intervals. You can even consider reaching Naneghat by your car or a private cab. And to reach the reverse waterfall of Naneghat directly, you must take a bus from the Kalyan bus stand and reach Junnar. From Junnar, you can quickly reach your destination by road.

By Train

Naneghat town has no railway station and the closest railway station to reach here is in Atgaon. Tourists who prefer to travel by train can visit here and hire a private cab or bus to reach Naneghat.

Distance from Atgaon Railway Station. 117.4 Km

What is the most suitable time to tour Naneghat?

Mid or late monsoon is usually the most suitable time to visit Naneghat as waterfalls stream with higher force due to rainwater during this time. And when it plunges from a significant height, the sight will undoubtedly leave you captivated.

At this time, the force of cascading water is powerful enough to run in the reverse direction. The weather is agreeable and ideal for trekking to the Naneghat Hills. However, do not forget to carry a raincoat or an umbrella if you wish to remain dry while enjoying the trek.

From the remote corners of the quaint villages to the surreal hill stations to magical waterfalls, India’s tourist destinations never fail to delight sightseers. So, why wait? Rent a car in Pune and get set to explore this unique waterfall amid the scenic viewpoints and fascinating landscapes.

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