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Reasons why Hatton Garden lab grown diamonds are famous in UK

by basicact

Hatton Garden is one of the oldest and most popular jewellery market in all of UK. It covers a huge area and is almost always buzzing with shoppers and tourists. It is situated in London so if you’re visiting London, then there’s a slim chance that you won’t be suggested a visit to this place. Hatton Garden is famous for all kinds of jewellery stores. The diamond stores here are exceptionally popular both for organic and lab grown diamonds. Although there are other stores and market places all of UK, Hatton Garden’s lab grown diamonds are popular all over. Here’s why:

  • One stop shop with loads of variety

One of the main reasons for this popularity is the vastness of Hatton Garden market. It is a one stop shop for jewellery, diamonds included. There are so many stores, that you can find all the variety in just a single place. So you could just be breezing in and out of shops either window shopping, or checking out the stock and comparing it to other shops. If you do not like the items in one store, you could immediately go to another. Having multiple options gives buyers the freedom to choose. Since buying diamonds is a pretty big deal, people like to have options, especially when it comes to Lab grown diamond rings.

  • Quality assurance guaranteed

Hatton Garden jewellery stores have the best quality lab grown diamonds. Their quality assurance is guaranteed. All of the stores make sure to give you a detailed grading report of the diamond on its purchase. The grading report includes all about the making of the diamonds, the process, their quality, 4C’s, and whether they’re from IGI or GCal. The grading report is the reliability factor that the diamonds you have bought are genuine and high quality.

  • Affordable prices

The diamond prices in this market are affordable. Since there are a lot of options when it comes to jewellery stores in the same area, the price are competitive. A few other jewellery market areas in the UK are known to sell diamonds at a costlier price. This is another reason why people prefer buying them from Hatton Garden. It is simply easier on the pocket.

  • Events, discounts and sales

The Hatton Garden is like a little jewellery community of its own. They have frequent discounts, sales and events going on that can get you good quality diamonds at a good price. The wedding season every year sees a significant drop in the prices as there as discounts for would-be brides and grooms.

  • Talented artists

Hatton Garden always has the latest designs of diamond jewellery. They have really talented jewellery artists who come up with unique designs for lab grown diamond jewellery, especially Lab grown engagement rings. Every year there are new designs launched so when you decide to go shopping, you can be sure that you’ll be seeing the latest stock of designs.

Hatton Garden rarely ever sees a dull day. The place is full and bustling with people all day long. If you’re going to be in town for a few days, you really should visit this jewellery hub of UK.

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