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How you can fix [Pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] Error Code?

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Have you been tired up of seeing email error codes on your Microsoft account? If yes, then this is the segment where you can find some pretty good stuff to deal with this error. We all know that Microsoft outlook is a very important tool for emailing services. People can use it for personal and professional use.

Some people use it only for professional uses. It is made with different inbuilt features that can make your business work really easy and simple. People can feel lots of ease while using outlook accounts but somehow there can be many errors which may occur on outlook accounts due to multiple reasons. We call these errors as pii errors and believe us they are too annoying to deal.

But how much irritating they are, still we have a solution that is this segment. You will be exploring in this segment tremendous ides through which you may fix Pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6 Error Code.

This error is really easy in resolving and just within seconds you can change the settings of this error. Before fixing any error, we would suggest you to know something about these errors. Do not worry about fixing, if you know details and name of error then you can surely fix it. Now lets start discussing the most important thing which you were looking upon.

Pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6 Error Code:

Lets see the details on introduction of this error code. This error can come due to many reasons such as inappropriate installation of outlook account. It can also occur when you are using too much accounts just in one outlook application. Many reasons can cause this error therefore the most demanding thing in this process is that you should exactly know about the reason of error.

Only then you will be able to deal with the fixing of that error. For solving and fixing your error we have created a step wise guide for you. You have to follow each step according to the mentioned lines. If you are able to solve the error with these steps then very good but if you are unable to solve errors through these steps then we have other steps too. But hopefully it is possible that your Microsoft account would be free of error after completing this process and you may use your outlook account without any reluctance.

Solution for Pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6 Error Code

Following are the steps which you need to follow for fixing this error;

  1. Reinstall the outlook:

The first thing after seeing the error you should do is reinstalling your outlook account. It might be possible that you are using an old version but now the new version has come. You have to uninstall your outlook account and then reinstall it with the latest version. After reinstalling check the error either it is coming or not. If it is still coming then you need to see the other solutions for fixing Pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6 Error Code.

  • Check internet connection:

The second solution can be changing the internet connection. It is quite possible that your current internet connection is not this much strong that it support your outlook account functioning and you may be having this error. Try to change your internet connection and see if its working without error or not. Most of the time accounts start to work properly just after shifting towards a better internet connection.

  • Clearing data from outlook:

The third solution which you may do to solve your Pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6 Error Code is clearing all of your data from outlook accounts. Many times outlook accounts fill up with cookies and caches due to unlimited random file entries. In this scenario, we need to clear all the cookies from the account so that it may not show the error code. The decision of choosing only one solution for error code is not right. You have to try all possible solutions to achieve the desired results.

  • Relog into the outlook accounts:

The fourth and last solution is relog into your outlook account. If you find that there is no change in error code after applying the above methods then must try this because it may grant you some promising results. Just go and log out all of your outlook accounts and then relog again into all the accounts. It might be possible that your problem will fix.

Basic way to repair Pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6 Error Code in outlook accounts:

Following are the most important and basic ways to repair the error code in outlook accounts.

  1. Reconfigure POP and STMP server
  2. Correct PST documents by utilizing the SCANPST.exe.
  3. Delete your all duplicate accounts
  4. Repair your application of MS office through control panel.

If the above processes do not work then make sure you are doing these methods for solving the issue.

Simple method to solve the Pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6 Error Code

Now lets see some simplest and easiest methods to solve the [Pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] Error Code. Here you go with them;

  1. Use of auto repair tool:

There are many repairing tools related to bugs and error codes which are available online. This can be the safest and quickest method to solve the problem. But make sure that you are using a suitable tool for this method. As using a tool with less reliability and functionality may harm your Microsoft outlook account.

  • Clear browser history:

The second quickest method is to clear your browser history. It may have accumulated different cookies and caches inside your device therefore you need to clear the history. As a result of this all the harmful data will be erased and this may help you to make the error managed. This is a simple step, you don’t need to do anything. Just go and clear the history in your browser. And the next moment you are done with your problem of error code fixing.

  • Deleting accounts:

If you suspect that you are using more than one outlook account then consider it too seriously. Because this can be one of the greatest reason for occurring Pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6 Error Code. Therefore delete all the accounts which are not necessary. Just keep only one account otherwise you will not be in a positive state of solving the problem.

  • Use original softwares:

The problems can also occur if you are not using the original software of outlook. We all know that market is filled with wrong doings and scams. There are many people who have created less worthy and faulty version of outlook accounts so you need to be very focused while using this software. If you are having the issues of error code then reconsider the originality of your software.

  • Contact Microsoft outlook support:

In the end, if nothing works then you should contact Microsoft outlook support. It might be possible that there are several internal reasons due to which your software is having error code. So do seek help from outlook support centre. As in the end only they can help you better.

Pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6 Error Code malfunctioning

The Pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6 Error Code malfunctioning may occur because of different setup procedures. Microsoft has clear about the error loading procedures that they may induce some malfunctioning and as a result error may occurs. These errors can be of different types. There can be different prognosis according to different types of error. Experts may face this malfunctioning and the above mentioned methods are the key to solve this malfunctioning in your softwares.

Reason behind error occurring in Microsoft accounts

Microsoft can face different email errors and this can occur because of some bugs coming into the software during installation process. It can also be caused because of the fact that your outlook account gets co occurred with other programs present in your PC. In some scenarios, it cannot connect with the email servers and they can also use the profiles available on your personal computer.

Fixing bugs and errors in Microsoft accounts

Now lets discuss that how you can fix bugs and errors in your Microsoft account that has come with installation processing.

  • The common method to deal with such bugs and error is to use an antivirus. Its always better to have a good antivirus in your computer so that it may fight with the bugs before even they get entered into your device.
  • Apart from this also consider the issues like poor internet connection, multiple account functioning, and reinstalling outlook while encountering errors is a good way to deal with these bugs.


Microsoft is an amazing application and it helps to interact with others in an amazingly manner. It can provide you lots of support regarding your business and work. Its technology is changing everyday and it is forcing its users to continue using it. Errors like above mentioned things cannot challenge its constructive sides. Plus there is no need to get worried that you will not be able to deal with these errors. If you will follow the above mentioned steps then you can surely be enjoying error less outlook account on your devices.

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