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Most popular Road trips of US

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Don’t you think that road trips are the most attractive and entertaining way of enjoying traveling? Most people believe that road trips offer you way more exposure than going by air. That is why we are using this section to explain popular road trips in the US, as summer is the best time to travel across the world. We will discuss the most famous road trip destination in this segment. Then what are you waiting for? Let’s start discussing it.

1.     Down-east Maine:

Down-east Maine is a good destination point for a road trip. You can take coastal route one, which is also known as a lobster trail. On this way, the road hugs the rocky coastline down the east. There are many new England fishing villages such as rock-land and bell-fast. These are some beautiful places to visit.

2.     Black Hills of South Dakota:

To visit America’s history and see their culture, go for a trip to South Dakota’s back hills. Move your car towards 131 badlands scenic byway. When you travel through back hills must visit some popular areas which are

  • Wall drug
  • Custer state park
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Wind cave national park

But yes, beware of its traffic, it can waste lots of time and energy. Your mood can be spoiled, but you have to get ready for this. Apart from this, it is a beautiful road trip destination. Just prepare your best travel bag and the go-ahead to explore these hills.

3.     Blue ridge parkway:

Blue ridge parkway is the most popular and most visited park in the US. The US national park system controls this park security. This park has 469 miles which connects two important spots; Shenandoah in Virginia with great smoky mountains in North Carolina. Here you can stop to visit the extraordinary beauty of great smoky mountains. There are many different spots like a front royal in Virginia, a natural bridge, and travel along skyline drive. You can enjoy your time here too.

4.     California’s pacific coast highway:

Pacific coastline is the dramatic longest coastline of California. It is 653 miles away from Dana Point in Orange County.  Its key attractions include;

  • Malibu
  • San Simeon
  • San Luis
  • Obispo
  • Big Sur
  • Monterey
  • The golden gate bridge
  • Mendocino headlands

Moreover, many road drivers can extend their drive up to the redwood forest on route 101 past Mendocino.

5.     Jackson, Wyoming to Glacier, Montana:

Well, you can make one day trip to Jackson, Wyoming, to the glacier, but why do things so hurriedly. Take a week and spend some quality time there. There are many stunning and diverse landscape areas in this spot which you will not find out in the whole of America. Its high points include racing rivers of grand Tetons, cliffs, wildlife of yellow stone, dramatic falls, and glacial formations of many glaciers. You can see the country’s most enormous sky in these areas.

6.     The outer banks, North Carolina:

Outer bank areas are also called North Carolina’s route 12. In the previous decade, due to many hurricanes, this area was not suitable for road trips, but now the climate has started to offer us the opportunity to visit this place. This route begins from the Bodie lighthouse in the north and crosses the narrow spits of lands. After this, many islands are protecting North Carolina’s mainland from the Atlantic ocean. There are many sights which are worth seeing along this way. These sights include pea island wildlife refuge, Oregon inlet, historic Hatteras lighthouse, and many highways.

7.     Hana coastline, Hawaii:

Hana coastline lies between Kahului black sand beaches and waterfalls with 59 beaches. Different spots on this coastline are seven sacred pools, pipiwai trail, Hana lava tube, hookup lookout, and waimoku falls at Haleakala national park. You can enjoy surfing by taking the waves.

8.     Olympic Peninsula, Washington:

On this spot, you can enjoy many hiking spots and picnic spots for your trips. This includes a 300 plus miles trip across the Olympic peninsula. It has one of the largest temperate rainforests in the US. Plan a trip here, and we are sure you can enjoy it a lot.

9.     Overseas Highway, Florida keys:

Overseas Highway, Florida Keys is famous because of its appearance in many car commercials and movies. The overseas highway is often called as crosses 42 bridges which include seven miles bridge over pigeon key. You can complete the whole ride in 4 hours, but you make real fun by spending time there. Here you will find many delicious food spots such as fried conch and key lime pie. Just keep some best anti-theft travel bags with yourself and set off on this journey.

     10. Route 66:

Route 66 is considered one of the quintessential trips of the US. This route was made in the 1940s and 1950’s. Still, its shine is high. When the journey on route 66 starts, there are countless amazing sights which you can see to amuse yourself between Chicago and Los Angeles to Santa Monica Pier. The famous roadside attractions in this area are

  • Cadillac Ranch in Texas
  • Worlds largest catsup bottle in Oklahoma
  • A giant sculpture of abe Lincoln
  • Home town of spring field

You can have a fantastic time here. Here the shopping is famous. You can purchase the best Men jackets for travel here from different markets.

    11. California’s route 395:

If you are a massive lover of great doorways, then California’s route 395 is a perfect place for you to visit. This route is not hyped up and famous as the pacific coast highway, but there are several worths visiting spots in this area. The list of these scenic destinations are;

  • Death valley national park
  • Mammoth lakes
  • Yosemite national park
  • Lake Tahoe.

     12. Flint hills national scenic byway, Kansas:

I don’t think that this is Ireland; without any doubt this is Kansas. On its way, you will cross lush and green rolling hills with many spots of wildflowers. This gives a beautiful scenic experience. Its memorable areas include tallgrass prairies national preserve and a 360-degree panorama of Tall-grass prairie.

    13.  Enchanted circle scenic byway, New Mexico:

If you are someone with the priority of taking short road trips, then this area is good news for you. This is just 84 miles road journey that ends in Taos. This place is known as the enchantment land because it includes various enchanting spots such as historic towns, new Mexico’s highest mountain, and wheeler peak.

     14. Richardson Highway, Alaska:

This is an 8-hour drive from Valdez to Fair-bank, which is 100 miles stretches journey. These area’s views include waterfalls, glaciers, rainbow ridge. These areas have colorful mountains with green and red volcanic yellow siltstone.

     15. Hamakua coast drive, Hawaii:

This coastline has jaw-dropping scenic experiences in its way. From Hilo to honokko, every scene is beautiful. Don’t miss its Akaka falls state park as it has a namesake waterfall where you can click amazing photos of yours.

Apart from these destinations, you can find many more in the best travel blogs. You can also see a tour guide to the US in two weeks. Traveling should be done at least once a year because it can lighten up your mind and body. So give some time to yourself and this world.

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