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Major issues in education nowadays.

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Education has become a basic need to grow successfully in this world. Without education, you cannot become an independent person who would support him or people related to him. But nowadays, getting an education is not easy. Many educationalists have reported certain issues that how these issues are interrupting and disrupting the educational experience of many students. In 2020, Grace Chen wrote an article after getting the information on education issues from the perspective of administrators and teachers. Here, we are going to discuss those issues in huge detail.

  1. Family factors:
    What is happening inside a child’s home badly affects the capacity of a child’s learning. Single parents, violence and divorce can make up a chid for getting bad performance in-class tasks. An ideal family environment is needed to have a great educational learning experience inside the school for a child.
  2. Parents involvement:
    Some parents are never available in parent’s teacher meetings. They do not seem to be interested in the child’s performance throughout the year. On the other hand, some parents interfere more than need in their child’s and teacher relationships. They wander on their child’s head all the time. A balance should be maintained because both things can disturb the child in getting great performance in educational tasks. School should find ways through which both the parents and teacher come to be involved in a balanced way.
  3. Poverty:
    One of the biggest issue for not being able to get an education or poor education is poverty. Almost more than 20% of the country’s children face poverty issues, which has made them unable to get a good quality of education. For sorting out this issue, the government has to allow a huge amount of fundings for those children in the private or public sector.
  4. Bullying:
    Bullying is a common and old problem. Due to bullying, many potential and ability holders become unable to get good grades in class. Bullying has made its prey a very low confident person. School management should take specific steps to control bullying in the school.
  5. Technology:
    Students can easily learn through technology, but excessive use of technology can also be a distraction for kids. A well-balanced approach should be used for managing access to technical equipment in class so that the kids may learn all the things comfortably about their topics and courses.
  6. Student health:
    One of the research says that obesity is directly related to low academic achievement. In the US, the students have developed bad eating patterns, causing them to get obese. Due to obesity, the students get absent daily, and they have high risks for blood pressures issues and diabetes.
    In this case, schools should promote the nutritional qualities of a meal. Or how one should control for not getting obese? The country should work on a large level to deal with this issue as it is a huge barrier to many students’ educational achievement.
  7. Classroom size:
    In many areas of the country, the schools are having an issue with classroom size. In the classrooms where students are more than 30, teachers cannot concentrate on each student’s performance perfectly. It matters as the teachers cannot manage all the students at one time. So different sections and average classroom size should be determined in the educational plan. But in public schools, it is not being kept in mind, producing a big hurdle in getting a better quality of education. This issue should be solved.
  8. Funding:
    In many areas, there is no funding sponsored for schools and education. It is really necessary as it allows many people to get an education without any hurdle. The government should plan some funding bills for different schools, especially when there are many things to manage. Different new schools should be made too.
    So these were some issues that are causing a great hurdle in student’s learning and education. The government should consider these issues. Apart from this, the directors or head-chair persons of all the schools should arrange something for sorting out these issues to provide a better quality of education. Because only education can make a nation successful in this world now a days.

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