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Machine Learning Is The Way Into A More Stable Career For IT Professionals.

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Machine learning has been around for a fairly long time. The very need for automation and the eradication of human labour fueled the developments in the field of machine learning. It emerged as an alternative profession for IT professionals due to the ongoing recession and the rampaging pandemic we are going through right now. Machine learning in these tough and terrible times is helping in multiple sectors like E-commerce and healthcare. Automation is bringing in a revolution in the development of personalised therapies and targeted marketing. And machine learning is spearheading the movement. In the process, machine learning is opening a plethora of job opportunities in multiple sectors.  

The perils Indian IT sector is facing

The Indian IT industry is perhaps the biggest gemstone in the country’s crown. A formidable source of employment for multiple backgrounds of engineers. Rather, all who are adept with tech could find solace in the industry. The stability was ensured, due to its dependence on western economies. The industry was kept afloat during the worst of recessions and remained functional. But with the emergence of COVID19, the western economies started to face collapse, which in turn directly affected the Indian IT industry. Unemployment and stagnation became the usual story.

The outsourced mundane work was already exhausting for most IT professionals in our country. And the pandemic diminished that option to a significant extent. In order to get out of the repetitive journey with stagnancy and exhaustion as constant companions, machine learning is chosen by many. With sufficient domain knowledge, work experience and a machine learning certification it is possible to secure a relatively more stable and fulfilling career. 

What options one might have 

Both the public and the private sectors are suffering from a similar overdose of pressure during these terrible times and are both in need of incorporating machine learning into their processes. Thus IT professionals with a machine learning certification can diversify both in the public and commercial sectors.

In the public sector 


The healthcare sector is perhaps in the most need of automation given the huge numbers of patients they are handling at the moment. But the direct implementation of machine learning as a prominent force is prevented by ethical constraints. There is a probability of job losses and errors will translate into a loss of lives. But in the case of personalised therapies and remote diagnosis machine learning tools are achieving miracles. Appropriate diagnoses for common and remotely diagnosable disorders are being dealt with by analysis of massive amounts of health data is now possible without human supervision. But in the end, the delivery must be done and evaluated by humans in the case of healthcare. This newfound dependency on machine learning is rendering healthcare an extremely fertile field for employment. 

Disaster management

Entire populations of massive sizes are being benefited by machine learning-based data analytics. By analysing whether geological and climatic data natural disasters can be predicted before the emergence. Analysis of this huge data is not always humanly possible. In this regard, machine learning tools come into play. By using machine learning tools the USA successfully evacuated a large chunk of the east coast population in order to save them from the summer storms. The endeavour succeeded because the exact landfalls were always predicted correctly. 

In commercial sector

In the commercial sectors, data has always played a key role in progress and planning. Today the amount of data is so high that the implementation of machine learning tools can determine the difference between success and loss. 

In the case of targeted marketing, machine learning tools are being used to analyse the purchasing habits and capabilities of a population. And thus a product can be priced in accordance with the target customers. Thus marketing efforts and investments are gradually becoming more efficient in terms of the delivery of positive results. 

By the power granted by the massive amount of business data of the past, today’s venture can decide upon a safe route to success even before any commerce is conducted. 


Unlike the days of the early 2000s, today machine learning can be considered as a viable option for those who are willing to switch jobs. And get out from the mundane IT sector and pursue a more happening career. A machine learning certification is thus not only becoming more and more in demand but people willing to switch to something thrilling are choosing machine learning courses as well. 

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