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Lorraine Braccio – Actress and Social Media Influencer

by Steve Smith

Lorraine Braccio is an acclaimed American actress and social media influencer. She is an advocate for women’s rights as well as mental health awareness.

She has worked diligently to establish a successful career in the entertainment industry, earning herself numerous awards and accolades for her talent. Furthermore, she is an entrepreneur in the food and wine sector.


Lorraine Braccio is an actress who has starred in a number of successful films. Additionally, she has appeared on various TV shows and commercials.

She has earned numerous awards for her acting and contributions to the entertainment industry. A passionate supporter of girls’ rights, she has advocated for a wider range of powerful female roles within this field.

Her life was not always easy, but she persevered and followed her dreams. Now a successful actress and social media influencer, she serves as an encouragement to others to follow their passions.

Braccio is an American actress who has starred in multiple films. She’s renowned for her distinctive voice and Brooklyn accent, which have earned her a large fan base online and within the art world. Additionally, she volunteers her time to charity organizations as well as teaching children with disabilities through choreography and dance classes.


Lorraine Braccio has faced many difficulties throughout her life. But she has persevered, triumphed over them and today stands as a confident woman.

She has authored two books and championed for numerous charitable causes. Additionally, she is an ardent champion of women’s rights.

Her work has earned her numerous awards and accolades, helping to establish her as a household name in the US.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Braccio Marketing Group offers a variety of marketing and advertising services.

She has also published self-help books with advice for overcoming depression and anxiety. A passionate advocate for mental health awareness, she uses her platform to promote positive role models for girls on social media. Her philanthropic efforts have earned her a net worth of 24 million US dollars. In her free time she enjoys traveling around the world while learning about different cultures; family is of course always at the forefront of what she does.


Lorraine Braccio is an author, speaker and social media influencer who has enabled thousands to build meaningful connections on the web. As founder of Social Media Mastery training course and Social Media IQ consulting firm, her expertise is in helping others utilize digital channels for personal growth and professional success.

She also assists individuals in crafting effective and eye-catching social media content to reach a wider audience. A highly accomplished public speaker, her presentation will leave an unforgettable impression on those in attendance.

She has been an enthusiastic supporter of social justice causes, getting involved in numerous initiatives and campaigns that have brought about positive transformation. Furthermore, she strongly advocates for women’s rights and has spoken about the need for more strong female role models within entertainment industries.

She is an internationally acclaimed artist renowned for her vibrant paintings and murals that have captivated the attention of art admirers across the world. She frequently exhibits her artwork in public places and engages with her fans via social media platforms.

Social media influencer

Braccio is an acclaimed social media personality, speaker and author. She founded the Social Media Mastery consulting agency and training program; additionally, her Twitter account boasts over 180,000 followers and she regularly contributes to high-traffic publications as well as online galleries.

She is also a social activist and supporter of women’s rights. She has spoken out in favor of more powerful female role models in entertainment, as well as being an enthusiastic supporter of the Democratic Party.

Lorraine stands at 5 feet and 7 inches in height and weighs 141 pounds, which has often drawn attention to how she manages to gain so much weight without looking unwell.

Her philanthropic efforts have had a lasting effect on the world. She regularly contributes to charities that focus on autism awareness and mental health research, making a real difference.

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