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Least familiar countries in Europe- perfect option for a week trip

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Travel is a beautiful hobby of a person. We learn a lot when we are traveling. We cannot explore ourselves sitting just in one place.  Traveling the world allows you to increase your mental capacities. But do you think you know about all the places worthy of planning a trip?  I guess your answer will be no.  Many people do not know about some amazing countries where you should spend time. Leaving all your busy routines and spending some time there would be a great option for you.

Here we are going to discuss some least familiar countries in Europe.  So that you may use this information in planning a beautiful trip for yourself, those places are not usually explored by peoples because of their less familiarity, but if you want to see the attractive elements of the whole world, then one should try these places as their one-week trip or even more.


Macedonia got its independence in 1991. You must visit this beautiful place before its visa and ticket may get expensive. Many historical structures are present in this place.  Many historical monuments and statues are increasing their popularity day by day.  There are many projects which are running here to increase its beauty further. This is a perfect option to spend money on a recreational trip. You can go for yourself, or you can even plan it for your family.

San Marino:

Do you know that which is the fifth smallest country in the world?  Yes, this is San Marino. This beautiful and amazing place is situated near Italy. Italy surrounds it.  It is a perfect option for a trip. There is so much to explore in this country.  This country is very historical, and you can have an amazing time here by enjoying Italian cuisine here. There are many recreational and natural places here. San Marino is a good choice for a beautiful trip.


It is situated between the areas of Switzerland and Austria.  It is a very beautiful place. The reason why it is least visited is maybe there is no international airport here.  But you can take a bus from its neighboring countries and go here to enjoy its beauty of places and nature.  There are many beautiful mountains here. It would be best if you once tried it to enjoy the fantastic experience of Liechtenstein.


France and the Mediterranean Sea border Monaco. It is considered as the second smallest country of the world. Here is the world’s famous casino. You will enjoy it here a lot. The top rock of Monaco is a very eye capturing place for many tourists. You can also plan mega Yatch’s experience here. This place is a perfect option for hanging out with friends.


Many countries have ruled Moldova, but it got independence in 1991. It is situated between the areas of Romania and Ukraine. Europeans have made it a famous weekend trip spot. If you are a budget traveler, then this place is a good option for you.  This country is famous for its culture and nightlife.  You can enjoy it a lot here.


If someone asks you which is the second richest country in the world? Then your answer should be Luxembourg. It is situated near Germany, Belgium, and France. European countries influence their culture and life. You can explore its beauty easily in 6 to 7 days. It would be best if you tried the beautiful places of Luxembourg. Believe us. It is worth traveling.


Are you fond of seeing amazing natural scenery?  Then you must visit Armenia.  But English is not a common language which is spoken here.  You have to be better in the Russian language. When you go here, we can assure you that you will appreciate its monasteries.


If you are ready for skiing, then you must go on a trip to Serbia. Serbia is beautifully blessed with many empty slopes. Its capital is Belgrade, which is very popular for its clubs and parties. You can enjoy it a lot at this destination point. Its breathtaking skiing experience can make you feel very refreshing and soothing. You can find peace of mind here for some days.


Montenegro is included in those countries where the culture is the most diverse one. We want to tell you an amazing thing about this country. Its second name is “the land of six continents.” It’s a beautiful place with the ocean. You can enjoy swimming with your family and friends here.


Bosnia and Herzegovina are very beautiful places, but tourists usually overlook them because there is Croatia in their neighborhood. Croatia is a very famous point for tourists. But we would suggest you plan a trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina too. There is a beautiful 12 miles of coastline here. You can enjoy the blue rivers here.  The waterfalls of Bosnia and Herzegovina are worth watching. The war in these areas was also the reason why tourists were not visiting this place. But now the war is over. This area is safe.  Your family and children will enjoy this destination a lot.

Why choosing these places?

All of these places are a beautiful example of this world’s beauty.  After reading this, you can now have the idea that there are so many places where you can have fun with yourself and your family. You must be thinking that why you have to choose these places only?  Then we would tell you that you must be getting bored of going out again and again to famous cities and countries. These countries are least explored, and hence it will provide you a refreshing experience of a week trip.

You can book tickets for all these places with the help of some travel agencies. Many discounts are available from different companies. Making time for yourself and your family is important.  You must try these places to explore the beauty of the world. Now make yourself happy from within by having a trip to these beautiful places.

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