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Human trafficking has reached on peak everywhere in the world. It includes physical, emotional, and sexual exploitation. Human trafficking robs people’s dignity and children’s innocence. In this segment, we are going to discuss the issues related to human trafficking as it is getting worsen day by day. News is getting filled with stories of human trafficking.
So, let us discuss how this issue is creating a problem in the world nowadays, especially in the US. It has been 30 years since many of the trafficking victims are fighting against trafficking, which has become even more worsen in 2021.
Why is human trafficking considered a global problem in 2021?
It is a global problem and one of the most shameful crimes done by people. It affects millions of lives of people. It works on robbing the dignity of other people. These traffickers attack children, men, women from the whole world, and then they are used to fulfill the sexual and physical needs. Therefore, it has become one of the most significant issues in 2021.
Number 1 state in trafficking:
California is considered as one of the top states in the trafficking of people. In 2019, 1507 cases were reported in the United states in this state saying it is the highest human trafficking city. Now in 2021, this state is against considered as one of the highest rates supported for trafficking cases. Other than this, now Texas, Florida, and New York are also considered the most common cities for human trafficking.
Common victims:
Although trafficking can happen to anyone, such exploitation types are more common to have on females and children. Many people think that this is common for females. Still, here we will reveal a piece of news that is in the recent study, it is found that 800+ organizations who are working against trafficking have claimed that only 2% of male victims are identified.
All other victims are miss understood and ignored. They stated that male victims and survivors are not given that importance given to female victims and survivors. Male victims and survivors are stereotyped, overlook and left without support.
Male involvement in the sex trade:
Although many people think that the female rate is high in the sex trade, this is not that true. Now crime investigators have revealed that almost 36% of youth involved in sex trading are males. This study was done in the US, where their crime branches were used to investigate this ratio.
Causes for becoming victims of trafficking:
A national study was done on youth involvement in sex trading. This article has revealed that now most people get trapped in trafficking because they belong to a poor background. They do not have many sources. One of the most common reasons is that they belong to broken homes. Some victims also reported that they experienced severe physical, emotional, and sexual abuse in their welfare or shelter homes.
News has revealed that many teenagers experience homelessness which is why they are forced to sell sex to sustain and survive in this society. Other than this, the most important causes are lack of social rights, oppression, lack of human rights, deficiencies of economic opportunities, conflicts, or instability in nations.
Indicators of human trafficking:
Now the purpose of this segment is that you should be aware of your surroundings. If you see any person with these indicators, you must contact a nearby police officer and report the situation to that officer. Following are the hands of human trafficking, which you can see in another individual.
 That person is living with the employer in a very forceful environment.
 He or she will have a poor financial or social condition.
 There would be multiple people in a cramped space.
 Their answers will seem as scripted and rehearsed. Or like they are dictated by someone.
 They will look like submissive and fearful.
 There will be signs of physical abuse on their body.
 They will be having inability and fear of speaking to someone individually.
 Their documents will be held by their owner.
By filtering these signs, one can find out the victim, and you can do a favor for them by making them free from this trafficking phase.

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