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How has technology helped to disable people?

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Tqechnology is helping everyone in many ways, but its use is especially worthwhile for disable persons. The advancement in technology has changed their lifestyle by providing them more confidence and comfort. They are not dependent on other people now. Many other functional purposes have been serving for them by technology progress. In this section, we are going to discuss that how technology has helped to disable persons?
Assistive technologies for disabled persons:
Following are the assistive technologies that have made the life of disabled persons easy and comfortable. Let’s discuss them in detail;

  1. Dot:
    It is the best equipment as compared to other e braille devices. It is a useful smartwatch that helps blind people to read and send messages and tweets. They even access books and emails through it. It can be easily connected to Bluetooth on the phone, and then through this fantastic watch, they can translate any text coming from its owner. This tool makes letters by the use of dots.
  2. Be my eyes:
    This is an excellent application for blind people so that they may see the world. In this app, blind people can come in contact with other volunteers around the globe. For example, blind people can check the expiry date of any product. For this, on each request, the video call will be made to each volunteer available at that time.
  3. AXS map:
    People with disabilities may face issues related to their sitting and supportive equipment in public places. AXS Map is an online application that stores the data of different places and restrooms, which provides wheelchairs and other supporting equipment so that you may utilize these services in that targeted area.
  4. Transcendence:
    This technology has helped deaf people to communicate with groups of people. This application in your phone can use your microphone, and each time, whatever the deaf people will say in it, it will convert it into reading texts and messages. It will act like a regular group messaging chat room.
  5. Assist Mi:
    This application assists in disabling people in real-time. This app makes disable people connect with different caregivers and service providers for going out shopping or taking any assistance for work. For this, you have to complete a Mi-profile part of a disabled person so that this application knows what to do whenever the request is issued. The assistance will be given according to the person’s profiles.
  6. Liftware:
    This is ideally used for patients with Parkinson’s disease or people with hand tremors. It is a lifting device that can hold up the spoon and folk for that person to eat or do a particular act perfectly and on time. It comes with a handle, charger, and utensils like spoons, forks, soup spoons, etc. You can use it anywhere in your home or in your social circle.
    Use of the internet by disabled persons:
    Other than this, the internet has played an essential role for disabled persons. Many disabled students can earn through the use of the internet at various online platforms. They can make or learn knowledge through online applications and tools to help them achieve a better future and life for themselves.
    Use of computers and mobile phones for disabled persons:
    Now in different countries, disabled people are offered computers and mobile phones to better their lives. This has made them able to connect with the world. They are learning computer skills with proficiency. These skills can make them able to beat other individuals at any level of life. They are no more dependent on their family. Many training centers have used the technology for putting the skill set in them with great effort.
    No doubt, technology has made things easier and comfortable for disabled persons. Now they can also live their life happily without getting dependent on anyone. They can stand on their own. Most importantly, they can utilize their natural capabilities and abilities. Many disabled persons are getting success and fame with the help of technology. Several technical tools and the use of computer and internet technologies have increased their skills. So now they can polish their potentials and making life the happiest experience.

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