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How Coverup Tattoos Help

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Everybody makes mistakes in life. Some are bigger than others, and tattoos can represent some of the more permanent scenarios people find themselves facing. The classic tattoo goof typically included the name of someone in a relationship that subsequently went south and badly. However, lots of folks have tattoos that were just as bad or worse, stemming from drunken nights to gang affiliations in the past. The first thing many people think of is a tattoo removal procedure, which can be long, expensive, and extremely painful. However, coverup tattoos also provide an alternative, one that can be just as decorative and avoids the burning process or removing one’s tattoos entirely. 

The Coverup Process

Cover up tattoos starts with a new image idea. Ideally, the new image needs to be big enough to cover up the old image. However, it’s not a simple matter of inking over. The darkness and inks of the previous tattoos don’t change color, especially to lighter shades. So, the cover-up image has to be designed to incorporate the existing colors and shapes and still look reasonably interesting for a new tattoo. This takes some work, though, and fitting the new idea to the old area.

Once the new image idea is confirmed as workable, and it won’t turn into just a big blackout spot where the old tattoo was, then the artist can get to work applying the image to the part of the body where the old image was located. Using a similar approach, the new image is crafted with detail, and the fresh ink darkens and sharpens the overall image as the end product.

Benefits of a Coverup Tattoo

Especially where the original tattoo involved controversial imagery, such as gang symbols or offensive designs, a coverup tattoo can go a long way towards removing social problems people run into. Instead of having to explain the past to those who are offended or hesitant on sight, folks with coverup tattoos again enjoy normalcy in social settings and can talk, mingle and interact without worries about confrontations or remarks. 

Additionally, a coverup tattoo can effectively wipe out the leftover of a mistake in the past, such as a relationship that was never meant to be. Rather than being stuck with that name or symbol permanently in one’s skin, it can be changed into something that represents a new chapter or beginning. 

Figuring Out How to Make Things Happen

There’s always a cost for improvement, and coverup tattoos are no different from regular in that they are a service. Some folks hesitate because they are worried about how to pay for the work. One of the easiest and most effective ways to generate income to afford a coverup tattoo today is the digital garage sale. Everybody has stuff they’ve piled up over the years that can be sold online through ad sites or auction platforms like eBay. Believe it or not, with a bit of work, old books, clothing records and music, and similar can generate quick funds to help cover that coverup tattoo cost and get back on track with life. Remember, where there is a will there is a way. Don’t let money be the reason you get stuck not being able to get past old tattoo legacies.

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