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How copywriting is different from proofreading?

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The world of writing is not as easy as people think. It is not just about producing your ideas on paper, rather it has more to it. The professional world of writing has to follow a series of steps before their work is actually ready for publication. From creation of work to finally publishing it, certain steps of editing are done to create the final draft even if you are doing something as easy as providing essay writing services to school or college students. Two of the n number of works in this process are copywriting and proofreading.

Copywriting is the process of creating a content. This content may be online or offline in the form of  writing a page on a website or working on your own blog. In simple words, it is the putting up of ideas on a sheet of paper making them available for others to read.

This text written is known as “copy”. Remember not to confuse a copywriter with a content writer. A content writer may focus on academic writing as well and his work may include research paper writing as well as offering essay writing services but copywrite focuses his work on marketing.

Copywriting just not focuses on a formal work but also includes the writing of promotion articles for companies or advertisements for certain brands. A copywriters work is more of writing for marketing and promotions than writing for artistic satisfaction.

Without these copywriters, businesses would not be able to take the first step into the business world because of attractive advertisements bring more customers to the doors of business houses. From marketing for a minor product like toffee or chocolates to bigger products like Apple mobile phones, copywriters’ role cannot be undermined.

For example, whenever you visit the site of a company or a brand, you will find promotional offers as well as description of their products. These descriptions are written by copywriters. There are even certain videos that are made for promoting their product, even the script of these videos is written by the copywriters.

Lets take an example to define the work of copywriters: if you have to buy an Apple mobile phone for yourself and for this purpose you visit the brands website, you will first and foremost find the descriptions of the products made by the company and these descriptions are concise, clear and attractive, written keeping in mind the demands and requirements of various customers.

If you move ahead and hunt for a particular mobile phone, you will see a descriptions of special features of their models. Furthermore, there will be link provided which would take you to view a white paper about these features.

A white paper is nothing but a detailed description of the product and its features and it is too written by copywriters. Copywriters can be hired by different companies, small or big, as:

  • Food manufacturing companies
  • Health service providers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Investment firms
  • Local service providers, etc.

Proofreading is a process wherein you check a piece of work for errors before it is made ready for publishing or sharing online. It is the last stage in the process of writing wherein a work is re-read and revised and certain errors are rectified. Proofreading is important for any text be it in online article or research paper writing. It is a formal industry into the world of writing. Proofreading is done for grammatical errors, syntactical errors, structural errors and spelling errors.

Before making your work ready for proofreading thoroughly revise and edit it so that minor errors don’t lead to you removing the entire sections when proofread. Don’t proofread a text immediately after writing it because that would not provide you a clear picture of your mistakes.

Once you have done your work, give yourself some time and then come back to proofreading it with fresh mind. Also remember to proofread a printout of your work rather than reading the original document. In the final draft you can also check the formatting of your text.

For proofreading you can also use digital softwares like Word which automatically checks the spelling errors. While both copywriting and proofreading are a part of writing industry, there are certain differences between them:

  1.  While copywriting is done in the world of marketing and business, proofreading can be done in the academic as well as professional work.
  2. Copywriting is the process of creating a new work. Proofreading checks the errors in the work already created.
  3. The job of copywriters is promotional while that of proofreaders is to find out errors and give an error free draft.
  4. While copywriting is the first step in the field of writing, proofreading is the last.
  5. Copywriting leads to creation of new work whereas proofreading does not.
  6. A copywriter’s mind has to be more of creative while a proofreader’s mind has to be more of critical because a copywriter needs to attract people towards the business whereas a proofreader needs to provide an error free work.

Thus these are a few key differences between the two works. Nonetheless these terms are hard to get confused in since their names themselves stand as a definition of their work. But since these terms are very closely related and are of the same field, some people who are new to the field, are bound to have less knowledge of them or to even get confused between them.

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