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How alcohol abuse is destroying the lives and how can overcome it?

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Alcohol addiction is when you lose control of how you drink and change your drinking from means to a purpose. Once you become addicted, you can’t stop drinking even if you know it’s not good for you, causing more than 200 health problems. It is estimated that there are more than 6.5 million residents in India drink alcohol, but only around 14% are actually treated as alcoholics. 

Alcoholism is often thought of as a matter of personality, such as being sloppy. But there are many musicians, writers, and politicians who have made great achievements who are alcoholics. When you become an alcoholic, you try to hide your illness and reduce or stop drinking by yourself, but in the end. It doesn’t work and you return to the original way of drinking. However, alcoholism, like any other illness, has treatments and many can be cured. Visit a medical institution while your symptoms are as mild as possible and aim for recovery.


Alcohol is a type of addictive drug that has a common effect with narcotics. Alcoholism is a brain disorder that involves the neural circuit of the brain’s reward system. Which anyone who drinks can get. Causes of alcohol dependence include heavy drinking, a natural ability to break down alcohol, and drinking from minors. Other than that, in order to relieve mental distress such as depression, panic disorder, and eating disorders. The amount of alcohol consumed may increase as you take instead of medicine, leading to alcohol dependence, especially for women. Alcoholism is a problem for young people and young people.

For yourself, your family, and your future life, if you know your drinking habits and feel uneasy, first consult your doctor. Alcoholism is a recoverable illness that can occur to anyone who drinks alcohol, rather than becoming a weak-willed person. It is said that abstinence is the most effective treatment for alcoholism. But it is very difficult to stop drinking on your own. It is important to receive appropriate treatment early.

If you are concerned about alcoholism. Please use the free consultation at the mental health and welfare centers and health centers in your prefecture.

A center that assists local residents in maintaining their mental health, preventing mental disorders, and promoting rehabilitation. Depending on the area, there is also a daycare function, and we also carry out rehabilitation station activities.

The most important thing to prevent alcoholism is to drink alcohol in a proper amount and to have a rest day at least two days a week. Moderate drinking refers to “male drinking no more than 20 grams a day. Women drinking less than 10 grams a day.

Treatment In principle, the goal of treatment for alcohol dependence is to abstain from alcohol, but it is permissible to aim to reduce alcohol consumption if it is mild and has no complications. The main treatment methods are social-psychological treatment such as counseling, Alcohol Rehab in Pune, education of illness, acquisition of specific techniques for continuing to stop drinking, and support for a living environment where people can stop drinking with peace of mind.

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