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Here are the top 4 benefits of painting your interior

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Here are the top 4 benefits of painting your interior

Most of us have finished spring cleaning our interiors by now. People tend to focus their attention on the outside of their home when the weather starts to warm up, repairing or painting the outside of their home. The exterior of your home is not only made beautiful, but also protected with exterior painting. We like to say: Exterior Painting Equals Protection. As with exterior painting, interior painting both beautifies and protects your walls and other painted surfaces. It is a good idea to repaint your interior every few years to keep your home healthy and looking its best, as well as to maintain or increase its value. This year, we’ve compiled a list of the top five reasons to hire a painting contractor for the interior of your home.

1. Make Your Home More Valuable

The simplest and least expensive way to increase the value of your home is by painting it. That’s true for both the inside and outside of your home. Taking care of your home can be communicated to potential buyers with a good paint job. The process can also sell a home faster and for more than its asking price.

Even if you do not intend to sell your home for some time, a good interior paint job by a professional painting contractor can last up to 7 years. The investment will pay off in the long run.

2. Make Your Home Mood-Boosting

Since interior painting is an inexpensive way to update your home, it can be one of the best ways to make your house a more comfortable and happy place to live. You may not feel comfortable in your home if you haven’t painted it recently and have older colors that you neither like nor choose. Additionally, as many people work from home or stay at home more often, it is more important to make the colors in your home appealing.

Choosing a new color scheme can help you feel differently – calm and relaxed (blues and greens), energetic and productive (yellows and oranges), or even comfortable and content (neutral colors). You can consult with our color consultant if you need help choosing the right color(s) for your home. Diane Peck is an incredibly talented interior designer and color consultant who works with Flying Colors Painting. Contact Diane today to learn more!

3. Protect your home and prevent damage 

Painting your home’s interior protects it and prevents future damage from occurring within and outside of it. The majority of interior walls are made from porous materials that absorb moisture naturally. Over time, too much absorption can lead to compromised walls which can be dangerous to your home’s structural integrity. The presence of moisture inside walls can lead to mold growth, and this can pose health risks. Your home’s porous walls are designed to keep moisture out of the paint. 

4. Improve the air quality around your home

Over the last few decades, House Painting Long Island quality has greatly improved. Today, many interior paints are made with low or no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) thanks to technological advances and a growing interest in our health. Volatile Organic Compounds are “Carbon-containing substances that easily become vapors or gases.” (Green Home Guide.) These substances release into the atmosphere and can cause respiratory and health problems over the long run. Paints with low- and no-VOCs emit fewer or no gases into your home.

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