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Does LED Light Therapy Work? Let’s Find Out!

by gohar

LED light therapy is a treatment for skin to prevent sun damage, acne, wounds, and other skin problems. LED stands for Light-emitting-Diode, and these lights have been used since the year 1990. 

The earthing of the LED light can be done so that it can be used most effectively. Different wavelengths of LED light penetrate different layers of skin and act in different ways. These lights include red and blue and function differently by piercing the skin. First, let us understand whether the lights work and how they work.

Red Light: When you suffer from scarring, itchiness, aging signs, and wrinkles, red light therapy can be used. Skin inflammation can also be reduced after using this therapy. This light acts on the skin cells, also known as fibroblasts, that help in the skin’s collagen production.

Advantages of Red Light Therapy: 

Red light therapy, when applied to the skin, has lots of benefits as it produces heat with the contact of the human body. The heat generated can thus be used in some favorable treatment of skin problems. Some wavelengths are strong enough to penetrate directly into the skin. The absorption of the red light goes deep into the skin, and the absorption level is the deepest compared to the other visible light.       

  • Enhance Blood Flow:  

Receiving the red light, the blood vessels get dilated. If resistances are there with the dilated vessels, they can be flown. The free flow of the blood movement improves. The earthing of the red light should be proper so that they can continuously use the light for therapy.

  • Decrease Muscle Pains: When the blood flow gets obstructed, muscle spasms can occur. This can lead to a lack of oxygen in tissue cells. The red light can help relax the muscle pains. The syndrome of restless legs can be treated with this red light therapy.

Blue Light: The Blue light works on the sebaceous glands from the oil generated for the skin. The acne problems can be resolved as the oil generation can be controlled for this light. A bacteria which causes inflammation can also be killed. Even third-degree burns can be healed with the help of this light.

  • Prevent Sun Damage: This light therapy helps the skin in preventing sun damage. In addition, skin cancer growth can also be restricted with the help of this light therapy.
  • Cures Depression: This light therapy is used for curing depression in the human mind. Depressive disorders like darker days or dry winters can be cured by the seasons.

When the LED lights are used, either blue or red light, the earthing of the electricity should be appropriately maintained. This is because LED light can prevent many skin diseases even the growth of cancer cells can be restricted. So they are treated with essential therapy in the health sector.

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