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Climate Change and Human Health

by basicact

What comes to your mind when we say what is the biggest environmental challenge nowadays? Undoubtedly it is climate change. Climate change is greatly linked to human health. You might be thinking, what is the relationship between climate change and human health? We are here to provide you a detailed view of this relationship. Do not go anywhere. Stay here to know about this.

What is meant by climate change?

Before seeing its relationship with human health and its impact on health, let us tell you that what is the definition of climate change? Climate change term is used to define a change caused in global climate or also in regional climate. Climate change includes

  • Natural disasters
  • Increasing temperature     
  • Heavy rains
  • Heatwaves
  • Rising sea levels
  • Melting glaciers
  • Sand storms
  • Air storms

Factors that affect climate change:

Some factors affect climate change a lot.  Let us tell you those factors here,

  • Latitude
  • Ocean currents
  • Wind and air masses
  • Elevation
  • Relief
  • Nearness to water

What are the causes of climate change?

Now you must be thinking that climate change is happening, but the factors causing this change in the environment and its climate. Here are some of them,

  • Greenhouse effect:

You all would be aware of the greenhouse effect, that it is a natural process that makes the Earth’s surface warm. But this process is causing a lot of troubles to the global temperature. Greenhouse gases trap infrared radiations because they are long waves and blocking them here on the Earth is causing the world’s temperature to rise a lot.  This effect is known as global warming too. These effects on the warming temperature of Earth are causing climate change in different regions of the world, most notably in Japan, the Philippines, and Germany.

  • Changes in the sun’s energy:

The second cause is the change in the energy of the sun day by day. This factor is also contributing to climate change.

  • Variations in Earth’s orbit:

The variations in the Earth’s orbit are causing climate change to an extreme point.  These variations are the most focused cause of explaining climate change on Earth.

  • Emissions from volcanoes:

One of the causes of climate change is emissions from volcanoes. These are also disturbing the elements of climate at Earth.

  • Human’s contributions:

The technology or industries run by human beings has also become one of the leading causes of climate change.  It contains harmful pollutants that are becoming significant factors in a disturbing world’s climate.

Impact of climate on human health:

Now, most importantly, let us tell you how this climate change is putting your health at a suffering point.  Following are the factors that are increasing day by day due to this climate change.

  1. Respiratory diseases:

The number of pollens and allergens causes many respiratory diseases. These pollens and allergens are increasing day by day due to this climate change and global warming.  These diseases are,

  • Asthma,
  • Respiratory tract infections
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Cardiovascular diseases:

High temperatures can increase a human’s blood viscosity, which is how it can increase blood pressure, heart attack rates, and stroke in human beings.

  • Gastrointestinal diseases:

The GI tract can be disturbed easily by high temperatures.  This high temperature and severity of heatwaves can disturb your GI tract a lot. And many GI infections have been causing due to this.

  • Nervous system:

Climate change has increased many neurotoxins in the environment, which is increasing the chances of,

  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Neurological disorders
  • Liver and kidney damage:

Climate change has also caused kidney and liver damage through kidney stones and liver stones.  This can be due to the low k take of water.

  • Premature death related to extreme weather conditions:

Extreme weather conditions are also causing premature death of babies due to sudden temperature changes.

  • Infectious disease:

The temperature changes have made the infections stronger, and these infectious diseases are getting stronger day by day.

  • Threats to crops:

The crops are getting destroyed due to low agriculture in some areas. These climatic changes are causing the farmers to suffer a lot, and indirectly there is less food available for maintaining human health.

  • Hunger and poverty:

Hunger and poverty are becoming significant consequences of climate change. And this is also disturbing the physical and mental health of people.

  1. Threats to mental health:

Above all, when physical health is getting this much disturbed, how can mental health get at ease? With all these physical health issues, mental health is also suffering.

What can be done in dealing with the climate crisis?

The problems have been shown to you, but what is the solution now?  Is there even any solution or not? In this section, come and see how you can deal with climate change at the global level or your level.

  • Protecting forest:

We all know that what the purposes are that are being served by forests in our environment. Deforestation should be banned.  Forests are protecting the world through carbon dioxide usage and making oxygen. Afforestation and reforestation should be done to handle climate change and its impact on human and animal health because both are getting affected badly.

  • Reducing carbon pollution:

Carbon is causing damage to the climate. Its pollution should be reduced.

  • Climate saver’s program:

Different climate saver programs should be run to deal with the different aspects of this climate change.

  • Raising awareness:

People should be aware of how some human habits and technology pollution are causing this change. Raising more and more awareness will make people conscious of this.

  • Efforts at the individual level:

We all can show our love for the environment because it indirectly affects our physical and mental health.  We all must try to avoid certain habits that add the factors to this change in the climate. This is how we can make our and other’s health better. And also try to help those individuals who are suffering physically and mentally due to this climate change.

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