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Call International from US

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If you are someone who is either always on the move because of your business or you’ve got your loved ones in another part of the globe. For instance, you are an expatriate who lives in the US due to work but has your family in Cuba. International calls cause a dent in your monthly phone bills resulting in a bill shock. Having an unreliable connection, unclear voice and costly calling plans can make it very difficult to stay connected with your friends and family. Also, additional or hidden charges further complicate the situation. And then it is not just the connection and price, the voice quality also matters. After all, what is the point in calling someone when the voice keeps on breaking and you cannot enjoy a premium calling experience?

For a caller, two things are important: quality calling experience at the lowest possible rate. Fortunately, you are not doomed to paying for pricey calls.


SlickCall can be your saviour which offers you the cheapest international calls from mobile to anywhere in the world. It is, by far, the best VoIP app for international calls offering you flexible pricing plans for cheap long distance calls.

The uniqueness of this application lies in its affordable rates and excellent voice quality. Moreover, the app offers several options for you to avail. For instance, the call recording feature helps you to save your audio conversation. Naturally, human beings like to keep memories of their loved ones. Some conversations deserve to be saved so that you can cherish them when your loved ones have passed away or simply because you want to save a special moment. This special moment can be sharing your graduation day highlights with your parents or telling your parents about your baby walking for the first time.

Another impressive feature of this app is that it is not necessary to have an internet connection to make a call. This allows the call to be made independently of a Wi-Fi connection to countries like Ghana, India or Jamaica just like making a local call.

Now the thing is how to get this app?

You just have to go to Google Play Store if you use an Android smartphone or open Apple’s App Store on your iPhone. Download the app without having to pay a dime. Once you have installed the app, sign up to create your account. After the necessary verification through an OTP, enter the remaining credentials like your name, your preferred calling price plan, your preferred payment method etc. Voila! You have been successfully registered and can now enjoy the app’s amazing services.

For most people around the world, life is different. People have to live away from their friends and family to pursue good opportunities. But maintaining a connection with your loved ones in the home country is a daunting task.

According to the International Telecommunication Union Report 2020, only 28% of people in Africa had access to the internet. SlickCall is changing this scenario by providing affordable international calling services at any time and anywhere in the world for a flat monthly fee. Moreover, you can call your family members in Africa from the US The rest find it difficult to reach out to people outside their country. Also, when you download the app, you get to avail $5 credit for free.

Talking on the phone, no matter who is on the other line, can be just as exciting and interactive as watching a movie. Calling through an app such as the one mentioned above can be as free or inexpensive as you want it to be. You won’t be charged exorbitant roaming charges while calling from the US. With reliable service and great customer service, you have no reason to worry about your privacy or safety.

Other Apps

Currently, many apps are available which are trying to solve the problem related to international calls. One such app is Rebtel which is offering several services including international calling plans, mobile top-ups and money transfer option. Another app called Boss Revolution also offers similar services. Along with calling services,it also offers the option of money transfer and lets people send money to selected countries around the globe.

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