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Best practices while using technology in class

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Using technology in the classroom has now become a mandatory trend in every institution. Students learn more rapidly when technology helps integrates with the lecture. Teaching lessons with the help of technology can be intimidating. As the world is growing, more and more students ask their teachers to use technology in the classroom. Apart from this, teachers are also interested in teaching the children and students using technology. That is why we have compiled a list of best practices of technology usage inside a classroom. This list will help you to be at ease when you are delivering a technology lecture. Let’s discuss those practices, but before this, let’s discuss the importance of technology inside the classroom;

Importance of technology inside the classroom:

The importance of technology can be best defined as inside a classroom now as it is helping the students in better attention retention and content retention. You can retain full knowledge when technology collaborates inside the classroom lecture. Technology is serving many essential benefits to the schools and institutions in providing them a better academic result and reputation. It is one of the best technology gifts.

Top technology practices in the classroom:

Following are the top practices or information technology practices that are taking place inside a classroom. Let’s come and go into its depth;

1.      Classroom culture:

Building a classroom culture full of technology use is necessary. If being a teacher, you want to use technology inside your classroom, then, first of all, you have to make your student comfortable with the use of technology. You can make them comfortable by showing your interest in technology. You can tell them their benefits and importance. Later on, they will become used to it. At the start, you have to use technology gadgets frequently for academic purposes to build inside a classroom related to technology. When you are excited and supportive of technology use inside the classroom, your students will follow you, and this is how you can build a classroom culture of technology among your students.

2.      Practice, practice, and practice:

Practice is the primary key to get success and progress in any field. Being a teacher, you should practice all the steps related to particular technology usage. For example, if you plan to give a lecture using multimedia, you must have checked it before using that whether it is running smoothly or not. If there is any problem in its working then solve it before the students arrive. Practicing steps before the classroom will serve you with less loss of time.

Moreover, when teachers feel difficulty running the technological gadgets, students might get offended and bothered by the lecture interruptions. That is why doing practice is essential. And it should not be just for one day. You have to check it every time you are arranging your class lecture with the best technology gadgets.  

3.      Keep flexibility and patience in mind:

Being flexible and patient inside a classroom is really what you need to be a teacher. We all know that technology has made massive progress in the whole world. But somehow, everything has some loopholes, so that technology has too. Don’t get worried if your planned lecture gets disturbed by technical issues suddenly. This is considered a rule in different music technology institutes. Because this happens much time inside a classroom, in that case, you don’t have to worry and get angry. You have to flexible and patient with the technology and the students. There should be an emergency activity plan in your mind to engage students when such circumstances arise so that the students do not disturb you for a while when you are handling the technical issues with some technical experts.

4.      Communicate your objectives:

Ensure that you are telling all your objectives to your students that you are choosing a specific technology for your classroom. What is the topic, and what is the use of this technology. If you give them the details of the topic and the design lecture, they will be anxious about class activities and class happenings. Their only focus will be on the lesson getting from the topic. This is how you can make them feel at ease. In that easy vibe, they can work better. Moreover, we all know that miss understandings can lead students to do a task full of errors. A clear explanation of the teacher’s objective is needed when they will teach them something.

5.      Spice it up:

Spicing up the lecture is needed in a classroom. If you teach the students in the same dull manner, this can lead your students demotivated for class lectures. You don’t have to do a big thing to change the lecture. Just add out different and best technical gadgets in your lecture to take the boredom away. Furthermore, you can set out small tasks related to technical handling for cheering up the students.

6.      Don’t ignore students devices:

Everyone has a device attached to his hand nowadays. So if you will scold the students for their usage of those technical gadgets, it might disturb the classroom environment. We would suggest doing something different. You can brilliantly use your student’s gadgets. You can give them some educational and academic tasks for solving on their phone. This is how they will be using their device with a tremendous interest in solving your given problem. Try to create a warmer experience inside a classroom by using multiple devices of students at the same time for each other. You can even reward them for better class performance in the form of allowing them to use their phone and gadgets.

7.      Encourage collaboration:

In the class, not every student is on the same level. Therefore in this scenario, always encourage collaboration. Make two or three pairs of students interact with each other to solve their problems. You can also give them some activities to do in a group. Many students inside a classroom do not know how to use a particular technology. Helping those students making out groups and promoting the students for class collaboration is essential and valuable.

8.      Tap into your support:

If there are some things related to technology usage and understanding, you are not coming up with a solution. Then we would suggest you take support from your colleagues or co-workers. They will be interested in helping you. So having support from your fellow workers will be a perfect option. This will boost your class environment too. And students would find it as a new and exciting activity.

9.      Give feedback:

Instead of giving lectures all the time and finishing the time in a hurry, keep your eye on the clock. Spare 10 minutes for feedback on your lecture from the class. Because this is important, it allows the learner and the teacher to analyze what rank he is standing, and the points on which work should have done. It will also give confidence to your students in giving opinions and decisions. You can ask them about their comfortabilities related to a specific technology. That either Was it easy to use or not?

So this is how by applying these easy and straightforward practices, you can incorporate technology inside your classroom with great ease. We hope that you find it valuable and beneficial to follow.

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