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Are you A Good Candidate for Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment?

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Your teeth has a big impact on your physical appearance, smile and confidence level. Daily brushing and flossing are two ways to maintain brighter and whiter teeth. But you are not alone when you find your smile has lost its lustre or turned yellow. Generally, the natural teeth colour is a light greyish-yellow shade and darken due to several factors such as – age, dental health condition and change in your lifestyle. It may be harmed due to surface stains from consuming certain foods or drinks and tobacco products. In such cases, a teeth whitening treatment can be an effective solution to restore the brightness and whiteness of your teeth, helping you regain your radiant smile and boost your confidence.

When the teeth colour changes, there happens tooth discoloration. The teeth do not remain as bright or white as they should be. It is natural to fight any stains on the teeth that prevent you from restoring your beautiful smile. Though tooth discoloration is natural and may affect most people, a teeth-whitening method like Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment option will eliminate stain marks and improve the beauty of your smile.

Causes of teeth discolouration

It is important to take care of your whiter and healthy set of teeth which has a positive impact on your social status. Your bright smile with teeth-whitening products can help to eliminate unwanted stains and yellowness completely. Below are some factors for your discoloured teeth.

  • Foods and drinks

Having tea, coffee, wines, colas and starchy foods like potatoes or pasta can all result in stains.

  • Tobacco

The use of tobacco, whether chewing or smoking, cause stain to your teeth.

  • Dental hygiene

Food stains and plaque may accumulate when you do not remember to brush and floss teeth. Skipping routine mouth cleanings by a dentist may cause stains to appear.

  • Certain medications

The medical treatments for high pressure medications, antihistamines, chemotherapy and some antipsychotic medications, can be the reason for teeth stains.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

You can have whiter and brighter smile in four to fifteen minute sessions by performing Philips Zoom In-Office Whitening System. It has been clinically shown that the treatment can lighten teeth by almost 8 shades in one visit. The results usually last for 12 to 24 months by maintaining good dental hygiene practices, whitening toothpaste and using Zoom touch-up kit. With minor adjustments to your lifestyle like not drinking sodas, tea, coffee and red wine can help to keep your teeth whiter for a long time.

After determining you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening method, the dentist evaluates the shade of your natural teeth, work together with you to know your whitening goals and take your teeth impressions. The customised whitening trays you order will be made with the help of these impressions.

Suitable candidate for zoom teeth whitening treatment

Though most people can go through teeth whitening procedure successfully, certain factors will exclude you from undergoing a whitening treatment. Read on to know about them.

  • Teeth restorations

You might not be able to perform teeth whitening when you have dental bonding, crowns or porcelain veneers. The restorative materials are highly resistant to all kinds of bleaching agents.

  • Intrinsic stains

Typically, the intrinsic stains appear white, grey spots or discolorations on your teeth. These stains occur due to a dead tooth. It is very difficult as these stains may affect deep layers of the tooth.

  • Extrinsic stains

Extrinsic stains like brown or yellow stains affect your outer enamel only and respond well to tooth whitening.

  • Extreme sensitivity

Teeth whitening may worsen oral conditions like weak enamel or tooth sensitivity.

How you can keep teeth whiter after zoom whitening treatment

Maintaining good dental hygiene is among the suitable ways to ensure Zoom treatment lasts for almost two years before needing to be redone. If you want to get rid of bacteria and acid from foods and drinks that lead to tooth discoloration, make sure you brush and floss teeth twice daily.

Brushing and flossing will help to get rid of acidic particles that may make the enamel highly susceptible to staining. It will also prevent tooth decay which leads to gray-toned intrinsic discoloration deep within a tooth. You can enhance the effects of Zoom Teeth Whitening by preventing or restricting the intake of stain causing foods and beverages for your teeth. 

Though whitening toothpaste may lessen surface stains and at-home tooth whitening kits are effective in some cases, feel free to book your appointment for zoom teeth whitening in London. The treatment will help to achieve brighter and whiter smile you have always wanted.


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