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All about selecting the right party supply company

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No matter the event, planning in advance goes a long way in ensuring your guests have a good time. You need a venue and a reliable catering team, and you must also check whether there is a requirement for an event planner. If you choose the right party supply company, it is likely to have a team that can help with arrangements to keep your budget in check. If you are choosing a service for the first time, here are some quick tips.

Decide your event theme

You can check online pictures, set a budget, and find a theme that is best suited for the event. Make sure to consider the pros and cons of choosing a venue. For instance, if you plan an open party during winter, you may have to choose a closed location that wouldn’t require additional tents and covered spaces. Much before you find a supplier for essentials, having a clear understanding of your party needs is a good idea.

Do your research

If you can ask people around for references, make a potential list based on the recommendations. However, when that is not an option, you can do online research to find event rental services in your area. Check ratings and reviews to see if the company is reputed and has good feedback from past clients.

Ask for an inventory list from potential suppliers

Always check what a supplier can offer for an event, which should ideally include everything from audiovisual equipment and flooring to décor, lighting, and floral arrangements. You can request lists via email, but if the supplier has a showroom or store, visit in person to check samples and assess the quality of their products.

Discuss customization options

You don’t want your party to look the same as other events organized by the same company. As such, there should be room for personalizing things to match the mood and theme. You can also ask how they can stick to the budget and do more with their products and inventory.

Get estimates and other details

How will the company clear the venue after the event? Do they have an in-house manager to provide updates on delivery? How much will they charge for additional things? Always get precise estimates from different local suppliers and compare those based on the inclusions.

Lastly, don’t miss out on insurance. The event rental supplier should be insured, and if they are a local family-owned business, that is always better.

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