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7 Key Benefits of Using Dental Implants

by jackwhan
Missing Teeth Replacement

Having a missing tooth in a row surely affects your smile. One missing tooth can change your entire facial appearance. You can have a missing tooth due to various reasons. But the good part is now, you have a solution for a missing tooth. It is the installation of dental implants. After you install them, hardly can people understand and figure out their presence. For using dental implants to replace missing teeth, it is vital to reach out to a dentist or dental clinic for better screening and treatment.

Whenever you come across a person for the first time, the first aspect he notices about you is your smile. After all, your smile can make you look confident and bright. It is that one asset that comes to every human naturally. However, not all are born with the same kind of Hollywood-like smile. Besides, some accidents and injuries can also lead to damaging consequences to your teeth. To help get rid of all these insecurities, here is a blog on dental implants.

Through this blog, we will let you know whether you should opt for dental implants to rectify your dental issues. So, let’s see how dental implants can help you.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth-like structures that the dentist installs in a place where your tooth is missing. In a way, it can be said that dental in plants are the perfect replacements for a missing tooth. To install these implants, the dentist uses a surgical procedure. He uses metal screws to fix them in plants to your jawbone. Then, the dentist fixes the false tooth or crown on top of the implant.

The entire process of installing a dental implant uses local anesthesia to numb the affected area. Generally, it does not take more than 90 minutes to perform dental implant surgery. However, the duration of the surgery can differ from person to person and largely depends on the kind of dental complications you have and their intensity. If you have to take multiple dental appointments, the process will go on for a. period of 6-10 months or even more.

What are the benefits of using dental implants?

The reason why people choose dental implants is because of the way they look. The appearance of your natural teeth and a dental implant is almost the same. The dentist makes sure to add the same texture and color of your natural teeth to your implants. To learn more about the benefits from dental implants, go through the points mentioned below.

  1. High durability

When you have a missing tooth, the gold standard for treating this is using a titanium dental implant. Unlike its alternatives, the dental implant last for a longer time. Those who use the implants have continued with them for a decade or more. Various dental surveys have shown that the survival rate of dental implants has reached over 15 years. On the contrary, if you use a dental bridge, you will have to replace it at intervals of 5 to 10 years.

  1. Prevents loss of dental bones

When you lose a tooth from a row, the set of teeth next to it starts losing its position. All your teeth are fixed tightly in your jawline. When there is one tooth missing from the jawline, your gum starts developing bone in the area. This forms a lump-like structure in the jawline. As a result, you experience gaps between the remaining teeth. Here, the installation of a dental implant can prevent this issue.

  1. Has a natural look and feel

Since a dental implant is an artificial tooth structure, many of you may have a doubt about its appearance. You will be surprised to know that the artificial dental implant looks and feels exactly like your natural teeth in terms of color texture and performance. To make sure the dental implants mimic your original teeth, the dentists take the proper measurements of your teeth and strive hard to impart the color and texture of your natural teeth.

  1. Maintains the position of the adjacent teeth

As mentioned earlier, having a missing tooth gradually migrates to the development of tooth gaps. With time, this can cause issues while you chew and bite any food. However, installing a dental implant can cover this tooth gap and prevent the teeth surrounding it from shifting their position. Besides, it gives the teeth around it the additional support and strength they need to maintain your facial shape.

  1. Enhances cosmetic appearance

When you lose the tooth, you will surely notice a change in the shape of your face. This occurs because of jawbone loss due to the missing tooth. As a result, you may experience certain changes in your face like collapsed cheeks, sagging skin, bite misalignment, and sunken appearance. However, this facial change occurs when you lose more than one tooth. So, it is better to fix a dental implant right from the very beginning of losing teeth.

  1. Helps in speaking and chewing

Due to the loss of a tooth, you are sure to suffer problems while chewing food and speaking. To prevent this and save yourself from public embarrassment, install a dental implant soon. Here, the implant act as a support not only to your teeth but also to prevent your speech patterns from getting distorted. It helps you to chew food with the same amount of force that you use in your natural teeth.

  1. Improves quality of life

Above all, installing dental implants can improve the quality of your life along with getting rid of dental insecurities. When you fix a dental implant at the proper place, you don’t have to worry about smiling openly in public. Neither do you have to bother about your teeth shifting and creating unwanted gaps in between. As a result, this keeps you away from dental risks and enhances your quality of life.


Therefore, dental implants are a durable and long-lasting solution for covering a tooth gap or a missing tooth. Although you can rely on other dental fixtures to hide a tooth gap, none of them are as durable as dental implants. To get the best treatment, you can book your appointment for dental implants in Bromley.

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