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7 Cool Ideas to Make Family Movie Night Special

by basicact

A family movie night entails more than just sitting in front of the TV and zoning out. It can be a great way to bring people together and make new memories. 

That’s why I keep a handy list of fun ways to make movie night extra special because nothing beats getting into it — from costumes to themed meals and everything in between. Check it out and see if there’s anything special you can add to your next family movie night.

1. Turn Your Home to Theatre.

Print out a movie night flyer with the movie name and invite your loved ones to watch a movie. After that, stuff dollar store baskets or bento lunchboxes with candy, drinks, and popcorn. If you enjoy having home movie nights, investing in a movie projector screen could be a fantastic investment (we have one and love it!).

2. Do not Simply “watch” a Movie.

When we were watching Step Up 2 (my favorite! ), my daughter suggested that we get up and dance. Similarly, if you’re watching a baseball movie, practice your swing, or turn the remote into a microphone if any of the characters break into song.

3. Put on a Ccostume.

Isn’t it true that wearing a costume makes everything more fun? When we watched The Wizard of Oz, my daughter dressed up as Dorothy, and I put on a long black dress (does the green tea face mask I wore count?).

4. Plan a Themed Meal. 

Is there anyone in your family who enjoys cooking? If you’re watching The Jungle Book, why not make banana splits or get the kids to help chop up vegetables for a homemade vegetable stew in honor of Ratatouille? The possibilities for recipes are endless, and cooking with children can be a lot of fun.

5. Be Inventive with Your Seating Arrangements. 

Do you happen to have any cardboard boxes lying around? When it comes to cardboard boxes, kids can be ridiculously creative, and with a few snips, some marker, and tape, you can turn a plain box into a spaceship, a car, a castle… and then sit snuggly inside while the movie plays.

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6. Become a Popcorn Scientist

I used to enjoy experimenting with different flavors when I was a kid (grapes rolled in salami dipped in Sprite was my jam). 

Why not make some popcorn and let each family member create the latest flavor sensation for movie night? It’s a great way to let your imagination run wild as you add anything from M&Ms and mini marshmallows to pickle juice and paprika. Hey, the sky’s the limit — or, at the very least, your pantries!

7. Arrange Friendly Competition

Whether you’re watching Cinderella or Indiana Jones, choose a few actions or catchphrases from the film and create a game around them.

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