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7 Best Eco-Friendly Rakhi Gifts For Sister

by basicact
7 Best Eco-Friendly Rakhi Gifts For Sister

No one can ever deny the fact that pollution has slaughtered our mother nature. Discharge of poisonous gases from vehicles, industries, pharmaceutical decays, etc., is the initial cause of pollution. And the rise in pollution leads to an increase in declining human health. Aside from the toxic chemicals named above, single-use plastic bags, plastic bottles, & polythene bags, etc., are equally responsible for a dangerous environment.

And to get our surroundings a little less dreadful, sustainability is the alarm of the hour. So to help you in this practice of sustainability, here we present you a list of eco-friendly Rakhi gifts for Sister, this Rakhi. Why gifts? Well, because it is the little steps that count the most, so let us search for an environmentally valuable gifts list for your sister.

Lunch Bags

If your sister enjoys eating as she loves you, she presumably likes her food hot & toasty. Gift her a pleasant, sustainable lunch bag that will keep her meal at the ideal temperature. This lunch bag arrives with a zipper and an additional pocket on the outside & a mesh bottle holder. It is insulated and leak-proof, & the Eco-friendly colours and paints are just the cherry on top.

Unique Bonsai Plants

This is an illustration of planting, which Japan pioneered. The prime objective of Bonsai is essentially observation for the viewer, and the pleasant exercise of effort & thought for the grower. In contrast with other plant growing methods, Bonsai is not meant for the production of food or drugs but bonsai plantation features long-term farming and shaping of one or more little trees thriving in a container. Pretty simply, Bonsai means tray planting or miniature planting. You may seem out for these plants: Trident Maple Bonsai, Dwarf Pomegranate, Magnolia Stellata Bonsai, Chinese elm Bonsai, Japanese Maple Bonsai, or Wisteria Bonsai.

Natural Skincare Range

If skincare is a necessary part of your sister’s daily regime (which is required for everyone), choosing some natural ingredients, online-based skincare products would be a win-win situation. It will be a perfect rakhi gift for her. These products would be included as fresh gifts for girls, but they would also keep her skin free from chemicals & come near to nature. You will get such hampers on various sites online. And send a rakhi gift online to your beloved sister’s place. I will cherish her day.

Herbs N Kitchen Plants

The kitchen is where delightful dishes come out and therefore is ordinarily a spot where pungent essence resides. Placing the herbs & kitchen plants would alleviate this obstacle to an extent. And you don’t have to depend on the supermarket store for easy garnishing to add flavours to your food. Thus gifting herbs & kitchen plants like basil, chilli parsley chives, etc., would be a charming gift for your siblings. Coriander, lilac, lemon balm, oregano, peppermint, rosemary, sage, pr thyme etc., are some common plants that are ideal as kitchen decorations. Use multicoloured pots to add longer life to your kitchen.

Reusable Straws

Learn, every time you guys go out partying or for a movie, you don’t neglect to munch some popcorn & drink some cold drinks in the break. The plastic straws that are given to you along with soft drinks or coffee are not only non-biodegradable but are dangerous, as well. So go online shopping & look for a couple of steel straws that come with a wash spoolie brush to make the straw washed after every use. These straws are reusable, & we are confident your sister will adore the idea.

Hand-Painted Floral Cotton Mask

This non-surgical face mask is manufactured out of cotton & khadi combination to safeguard against dirt and Covid-19. A three-layer mask, the snug fit & the hand-painted pattern make it a convenient and popular choice.

Water Bottle

The habit of holding yourself hydrated is something all of us need a lot. So, this Raksha Bandhan, present your sister a steel water bottle with her photograph printed above it, or perhaps a quote that she lives by. We ensure that this gift is unique and something she will use every day without any hassle. Catch our advice, and go to online stores to buy a personalised water bottle for her as online, you will possess a lot of choices for customisation.

So here we end our list of eco-friendly gifts for sisters, but there are perpetually more. All you want is some brainstorming & present your beautiful sister with an all nature-friendly present at the celebration of Raksha Bandhan this year.

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