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6 Things To Avoid Doing With Your Steam Boiler For Accident Preventions

by Bianca Banda

Steam boilers are one of the most effective, high-powered, and reliable machineries many industries utilise. During the industrial age, people used them for powering the steam engines of trains and submarines; for generating electricity. Today, they play a more critical role in many businesses’ operations.

From chemical production to fashion design, steam boilers are present. Many professionals call boilers “bombs” because they can be one when not used properly. After all, boilers use gas and water in their operating processes. Depending on their type, it’s the gas surrounding the water in the tank or vice versa. That’s the ultimate difference between how a fire tube boiler and a water tube boiler work. 

Another great thing about steam boilers is that they’re easy to maintain despite their intimidating size, features, and capabilities. However, you must use them properly to avoid any issues and accidents from occurring. In this post, let’s discuss some of the things you can avoid doing to prevent accidents.

1 – Avoid operating the boiler beyond its design pressure

One of the things you can do to prevent boiler accidents is to avoid using it beyond its design pressure capability. If you use your steam boiler for business, there are cases when you need to produce more of your products and services; to meet client demands timely. 

Many businesses use their boilers beyond their design pressure, especially when they need to produce many items quickly and when they need to meet deadlines. However, it could lead to a decline in their performance in the long run when they regularly operate their boiler beyond its design pressure.

2 – Avoid putting untreated water in the boiler

Another major cause of problems with boilers is dust and mould accumulation. With that, one of the best practices before using your boiler is to avoid putting untreated water in your boiler tank. 

Boiler professionals say that putting untreated water in the boiler’s tank is one of the ultimate causes of dirt accumulation. When your boiler starts to accumulate dirt, mould, and soot, the steam quality that your boiler will produce will decline. That could then lead to a discrepancy between your boiler’s pressure, temperature settings, and production.

3 – Avoid postponing and missing regular check-ups and maintenance schedules

If you use your boiler daily and for intense work operations, it’s critical to commit to its regular check-ups and maintenance schedules. But as we know, if you heavily rely on your boiler for work operations, there are many cases when you can postpone and miss your check-up and maintenance schedules to avoid interrupting your work operations.

Even though your boiler requires low maintenance, if you regularly use it for heavy work processes, minor issues could accumulate and occur over time. That’s why attending to your check-up and maintenance schedules is a must. That way, you can regularly monitor the condition of your boiler’s valves, tank, tubes, and system settings to avoid critical problems in the future.

4 – Avoid obstructing your boiler with textiles and other items that can be hazardous to the boiler

Another thing you should avoid doing with your boiler is obstructing it with textiles and other materials that can be hazardous to the equipment. Even though steam boilers are easy to maintain and seem harmless, they’re technical machinery that can be hazardous.

Always remember that steam boilers can explode. They’re machinery that uses gas to operate optimally. Placing them in an area with flammable items could trigger accidents to occur. That’s why it’s critical to have a boiler room where you can locate the boilers and separate them from other things that can potentially cause unwanted accidents.

5 – Avoid not cleaning the drum regularly

One of the things that many businesses that utilise steam boilers do is not regularly clean their machinery. If you use your boiler daily and for long periods, you likely don’t have the time to clean your boiler regularly. Not cleaning your boiler could affect steam quality production, like putting untreated water.

Also, letting soot and mould accumulate can cause your drum, valves, and tubes to age and deteriorate quickly. 

6 – Avoid improperly shutting down your boiler

Another major cause of boiler accidents and issues is improperly shutting down your boiler. If you don’t let your boiler cool down and reset its system to ideal settings before shutting down, your machinery will likely cause issues in the long run. 

The problem with improperly shutting down your boiler is it could cost your business operations unexpectedly. If you regularly do this, don’t be surprised if your boiler suddenly has problems and causes a delay in your work operations. If you can’t afford to encounter a delay in your work production, it’s best to avoid improperly shutting down your boiler.

Following the precautionary guidelines in operating your boiler is the key.

It’s no secret that having a steam boiler is one of the best investments a business can make that benefits its operations better. But despite their efficiency and reliability, accidents and issues can still happen. That’s why you must always follow the precautionary guidelines in operating your boiler to avoid any accident or problem from occurring. Avoiding doing these six things is an ideal start for prevention. 

Written by Bianca Banda

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