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6 home decor trends 2021 that will beautify your space in no time

by basicact

There Is no end to trends when you think of revamping your home decor. Each year decors keep on changing and you will see yourself chasing them year after year. So, it’s better that you invest in pieces that are here to stay. Yes, some trends come and never go always. So, this year is about a lot of old trends with a modern twist. Things like flowers never go out of style and so, people still continue to get flowers online delivery for interior space. Here are some 2021 decor trends to brighten your space.

Bohemian knitted wall mirror

The Bohemian concept has really caught the fire and lots of home decor stuff is inspired with the same. So, a trendy addition in your space would be a bohemian knitted wall mirror. It is a mirror with handmade knitted sides in traditional bohemian style. It is a modern hanging wall mirror with an elegant look. It will be a great piece to beautify your entryways, bedroom walls or any other part of the home that requires a gorgeous decoration. Bring some boho style to your space and it will make a statement to any house with its modern yet  rustic flair. It is a twist to your normal mirrors and you will  find one at affordable prices. So, go ahead and add one bohemian knitted mirror out of the 2021 trends.

Plants and flowers

I think that flowers and plants have made it very clear that 2021 is going to be about them and this trend is not going anywhere any time soon. Yes, people are focusing on well being and thus, majorly depending on nature to bring positivity home. So, they try to bring flowers and plants indoors as much as possible. So, you canorder flowers online, plants along with a pot to add in your mini spaces.

Dream catcher

How precisely do dream catchers work? Do they like, catch dreams? Some say good dreams go through the web. They drift down the hanging feather and beads. Terrible nightmares, be that as it may, are trapped in the web. As the sunlight in the morning hits the dreamcatcher, the bad dreams vanish. People resting under a catcher are accordingly supposed to be shielded from bad dreams. This is how they put the work of dream catcher. Well, it works or not, but it definitely looks cool hanging in a room and is definitely an ongoing trend. There are so many types of dream catcher that add a charm to any place and people have even experimented with the shapes and colours of this fancy dreamcatcher. You should have at least one in the house if you like trendy stuff in your house.

Ceramic wall plates

I definitely love wall plates and it is actually a very old trend that has made a comeback. If you see old family pictures, you will most probably find wall plates hanging around the house. Well, our grandmas made sure that the interior decor was on point at that time. so, next on the list are the ceramic wall plates. There are hand painted wall plates as well traditional plates with digital prints, quotes. You can choose any style according to your home setup. These plates are perfect to decorate and brighten up your space. It is an easy home decor product which can be hung on walls or doors with a single nail.

LED sign

Lately I came across these LED sign boards and oh my god, i can’t have enough of them. Nest trendy decor products that you can add to your decor to brighten the whole place are the LED sign boards. It is actually a sign, or a word with LED lights and the board glows up. You get lots of signs like clouds, moon, heart, rainbow, and the word “love’ and so on. These signs look really cool at night with dim lights on and the sign glowing brightly. Amazing to create a party type vibe at home or to enhance the look of the room with pretty lights. You can either hang this sign on the wall or keep multiple signs on different shelves.

These are 2021 decor trends that will brighten your space.

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