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Where is the Instagram Aesthetic Headed in 2022?

by basicact

It’s a fact that the look and feel of Instagram is evolving.

Oversaturated filters and perfect setups are no longer in. Instead buymalaysianfollowers we’re seeing a fresh trend of real-time edits that are gracing the Instagram feed. Are you prepared to stay ahead of the pack? These are top 8 design trends to watch on Instagram 2022:

  1. Unedited Photo Dumps
  2. Instagram’s In-app Fonts on the Feed
  3. Blurred Shots
  4. Pink Hues
  5. 70’s Iconography
  6. The Reels ~Aesthetic~
  7. Gloomy & Grainy
  8. Seasonal Color Palettes

#1: Unedited Photo Dumps

In 2022, the real world includes imperfections and everything else.

This could be the reason we’re seeing a lot of “photo dumps” in our feeds.

Celebrities, influencers, and ordinary users alike are embracing this trend, and are sharing a variety of uncut videos and photos in a carousel, or Reel.

The concept is straightforward sharing what’s happening in your daily life in an unprocessed, raw way. The content can be random photos from your camera Roll or highlight photos of the past month or even a specific activity or event.

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#2: Instagram’s In-app Fonts on the Feed

If you’ve been scrolling through memes lately you’ve likely noticed more posts that use Instagram’s fonts that are available in the app.

The text used on feed posts was reserved for custom fonts usually created using an application for design created by a third party.

Nowadays, things are simpler. Instagram’s in-app fonts are now sporting an updated and upgraded status and this means that creating popular memes is never more simple.

#3: Blurred Shots

Seeing double? It’s not just you.

This style of 2022 is all about blurry photography that ranges from subtle to full-blurred action photos.

It’s tied into the need for authentic, “in the moment” content, even if the outcome is created.

How can you join this trend? Make sure to add some movement the next photo you take or make use of VSCO’s blur tool to manually recreate the style.

#4: Pink Hues

While color filters with vibrant colors are experiencing an overall decline but one color is as well-known as it has ever been.

That’s right. In 2022, Instagram wears pink.

As a continuation of this trend We’re seeing pink shades mixed with gritty retro filters that deliver a blast of nostalgia from the 90s.

Are you looking to recreate the style? Use an editing program using a pink-toned filter, and apply lots of grain. The C4 filter from VSCO is a perfect match for this trend and so are Tezza’s Flower and Yum presets.

PSA: Make a plan, review and then automatically post your Instagram posts in advance using Later’s free tools for scheduling! Make time for your posts and develop a better strategy for creating content now.

#5: 70’s Iconography

One of the most significant trending aesthetics currently trending on Instagram currently is the use 70’s-inspired style icons.

From peace-themed symbols and smiley-face images to hip fonts The 70s are making waves on Instagram.

This style, however, isn’t only about the past.

The classic colorways of mustard yellow, avocado green as well as faded blue, are revived with the pop of pink bubblegum.

The more groovier the more refined.

#6: The Reels ~Aesthetic~

While the majority of Instagram seems to be shying away from an obvious visual image, the same can’t be said of Instagram Reels.

The Reels style has seen a rise in popularity and this Reel is a great illustration of what it looks like:

This stylized and sophisticated style usually comprises a collection of images or videos set to popular audio as well as an atmospheric and dark filter, and a customized text overlay with neutral colors. Vibe.

TIP: Looking to find more information about the current Reels trends? Visit the Reels Content Hub here.

#7: Gloomy and Grainy

Bold and vibrant colors are gone, dull and grainy is back It doesn’t sound very appealing, doesn’t it?

In reality, however the results are strikingly low-key and trendy, which is to be popular with a lot of European creators and influencers.

The fashion editor Polly Sayer has the aesthetic perfect With photos that appear to be straight from of a magazine.


Creative director and founder Aylin Koenig goes another step forward by weaving desaturated photos throughout the Instagram feed.


The result is minimalist and soft. Who would have thought the Instagram Click Here style could be this elegant?#8: Seasonal Color Palettes

This new trend in aesthetics is so smooth that it could have gone unnoticed.

The most popular color for designers and creators The trick is to change your color palette as the seasons change, gradually moving from darker autumnal hues towards the soft pastels of springtime.


UK Travel blogger Kelsey who lives in London is an expert at this subtle shift, making content that’s perfectly pitched to the current season.


Whatever Instagram design you prefer the most important thing is to think through your strategy – and think about and plan your Instagram feed prior to posting it.

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